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This advanced expose of taxonomy breaks the barriers between traditional taxonomy and its newer, more avuncular cousin. In your face, take no prisoners, no holds barred--these hard-hitting adjectives describe this thrilling guide to modern day taxonomy in elephantine detail.
  Classification Essential QuestionWhy is it important to place living things into categories?  18.1 History of Taxonomy Objectives  Describe Aristotle’s classification system, and explain wy it was replaced.  !xplain innae#s’s system of classification, and identify te main criterion e #sed to classify or$anisms.  %at are te seven levels of or$ani&ation tat innae#s #sed to cate$ori&e or$anisms'  %at criterion do modern taxonomists #se to classify an or$anism'  %at are two reasons tat species names are more precise tan common names'  Early System of Classification  Taxonomy is te branc of biolo$y tat names and $ro#ps or$anisms accordin$ to teir caracteristics and evol#tionary istory.  Or$anisms were first classified more tan (,))) years a$o by te *ree+ pilosoper Aristotle.  Early System of Classification  Or$anism’s were $ro#ped into land dwellers, water dwellers, and air dwellers.  lants were placed into tree cate$ories based on te differences in teir stems.  As new or$anism’s were discovered, is system became inade-#ate.  ate$ories were not specific eno#$.  ommon names did not describe a species acc#rately.  /ames were lon$ and ard to remember.
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