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Flight report for China Airlines
  China airlines flight 120 accidentRabab Ahmad, Rayan Alshehri, Haiqal Shazly, andAnwar oryngaziyev!niversity of Robert ordon, !# Scotland 1  CHA$%&R$A &A'S%RAC%(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((()*S% + %A')&S(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((CHA$%&RSCHA$%&R 1 - *ntrod.ctionCHA$%&R 2 - Aircraft investigation ((((((((((((((((((/CHA$%&R  - Areas of the 3lane that were damaged(((((((((((4 1- S3read of the fire((((((((((((((((((((5 2 - &ngines(((((((((((((((((((((((5 CHA$%&R / - $roblem ((((((((((((((((((((6 /1 - 7eight and balance of the aircraft(((((((((((((8 CHA$%&R  - )*S% + * !R&S((((((((((((((((((10 CHA$%&R 4 - Concl.sion 9 Recommendations(((((((((((((10 CHA$%&R 5 - References((((((((((((((((((((((11 China airlines flight 120 accident 2  Rabab Ahmad, Rayan, Haiqal Shazly, and Anwar  !niversity of Robert ordon, !# Scotland Abstract On August 20, 2007, a Boeing 737-800, enrolled B18616, worked by ChinaAirlines took o !ro #aiwan #aoyuan $nternational Air%ort on a &onsistently booked 'light 120 o! the organi(ation and arri)ed at *aha Air%ort+At around 1033, ui&kly a!ter the air%lane &eased at .%ot /1, the !uel thatwas s%illing !ro the !uel tank on the right wing into a es and the ying a&hine was o)erwhel ed on re+ #here were 16 indi)iduals on board, &o %rising o! the Ca%tain, se)en dierent &rew e bers, and 17 tra)elers &ounting two new-born &hildren4+5)erybody on board was &leared !ro the airshi%, and there were no dead and inured+ #he air%lane was se)erely har ed and annihilated by a e, lea)ing ust %art o! the air!ra e in %la&e+ 1*ntrod.ction %he 3lane landed ordinarily at 10:24 am nearby time and navigated to the door range by10:/ %he gro.nd crew saw flares srcinating from engine n.mber 2 as the s;i33er close itdown in s.s3icion of entryway association &d.cated abo.t the circ.mstance via airactivitycontrollers, the ca3tain req.ested a crisis All travelers and flight orderlies fig.redo.t how to leave the airshi3 sec.rely the fo.r lids .tilising slides %he 3rinci3alofficer and the commander left the air3lane the coc;3it windows when the last flights3ecialist had fled from the 3rivilege toward the bac; bring forth <.ic;ly after the clearingof the last =the %aiwanese commander>, the n.mber 1 engine and left wing f.eltan;s detonated and b.rst vicio.sly into flares, to.ching off a blast that obliterated the flyingmachine An anno.ncement from the carrier affirmed that all travelers and team individ.alswere em3tied sec.rely A 5year old %aiwanese man e?3erienced hy3ertension and an 6yearold Hong #ong lady felt .nwell@ both were sent to a healing facility adacent Anair3ort gro.nd crew member was h.rt d.ring the e?3.lsion@ the last flight attendant member fell to the floor while getting off the 3lane when it e?3loded   2Aircraft investigation: Location of fuel leakage: the investigation cond.cted by eyewitnesse?3lanations, the f.el had been s3illing from the right engine %he wing driving edge close tothe motor 3rom3tly before the brea;o.t of the fire, a c.t ga3 was fo.nd in a s.33ortBs trac; can on 22, 2005, two days after the mischance %he trac; can the inboard 3rinci3le trac; of the o  s.33ort on the conservative driving edge $roected inside the f.eltan; from the wing forward fight -Examination of the cut opening and encompassing zone uncovered theaccompanying. =a> %he c.t ga3 was fo.nd on the base of the trac; can and reached o.t from indicatearo.nd 40 mm a 3oint aro.nd 100 mm, both from the toward the bac; end of the trac; can, hinting at being 3.shed from inside =%he trac; can was made of al.min.mcom3o.nd and 220 mm long, 60 mm in tallness at the most noteworthy 3artand 4 mm in width at the am3lest bit> =b> %he c.t o3ening incl.ding the s3lits /1 mm in greatest length and 2 mmin most e?treme width =c> A bit of eq.i3ment headed by a n.t distended the c.t o3ening toward withinthe f.el tan; =d> %he investigation .ncovered that the eq.i3ment .tting toward within the f.el tan; was the down sto3 get together com3rising of a olt, washer, down sto3s =on thefastener head side>, sto3 area, sleeve and n.t +ne level of the olt head was in contactwith the base s.rface of the first trac; +ne level of the down sto3 =on the olt headside> was in contact with within s.rface of the trac; can %he down sto3 =on the n.tside> was discovered lying inside the trac; can at a 3lace near the c.t ga3 however notin contact with the base s.rface of the first trac; /
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