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  CHAPTER -1INTRODUCTION  1.1 Profile Organisation/Company WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smartphones with internet access. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other images, video, and audio media messages. The client software is available for oogle Android, !lac !erry #$, !lac !erry %&, Apple i#$, 'o ia $eries (&, $ymbian $)&, 'o ia Asha platformand Microsoft Windows *hone. WhatsApp Inc. was founded in +&& by American !rian Acton and  rainian an /oum 0also the 12#3, both former employees of 4ahoo5, and is based in Mountain 6iew, $anta 1lara 1ounty, 1alifornia.WhatsApp 7ust surpassed 8&& million users worldwide.In the last four months alone, the mobile messaging app has ac9uired %&& million users. sers are also now sending %% billion messages per day, up from : million daily in April.WhatsApp has recently made a concerted effort to attract new users from emerging mar ets. ;or example, it has offered residents in $outheast Asia an option to pay a small fee for a data-light version. This allows low-income mobile users to circumvent monthly carrier data fees.The app is free on most platforms, but charges users  cents after one year of use. This business model draws consumers in. The fact that there<s no distracting ads helps WhatsApp retain users. WhatsApp founders have famously said they<re anti-ads and will never include them in the app.WhatsApp has overta en 1hina<s immensely popular We1hat, which has an impressive 8&& million registered users but only about %= million that are active. It is also ahead of >ine 0+&& million users3, 6iber 0+&& million3, and even $ ype 0+:& million3.The large user numbers across services are a clear signal of the overall popularity of #TT 0over-the-top3 messaging 0messaging that goes over the Internet via data connections rather than carrier-controlled networ s3, and its staying power. #TT messaging threatens cell carriers, who lose voice and text revenue, and social networ s li e ;aceboo ? which have not been able to maintain control of the messaging mar et.WhatsApp now has (&& million monthly active users, or people who use the app at least once in a month, according to a @ec. % company announcement.     ;aceboo , Twitter, and other platforms  really need to watch out, or they may see a huge part of their user bases spend more and more time on WhatsApp - which offers a far less cluttered and ad-free environmentWhatsApp<s closest competitors are from Asia 1hina-based We1hat and apan-based >I'2, which we estimate ended 'ovember at +B million and %:) million MAs, respectively.;or further confirmation of WhatsApp<s new dominance, chec out this 'ovember +&%8 data on Android users   !U INE O#ER#IE$ WhatsApp, Inc. developed and sells a messaging service app called CWhatsApp.C WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app for use on !lac berry, Android, i*hone, or Windows *hone that utiliDes the messenger<s data plan instead of text message allowance. To wor , WhatsApp re9uires that both the message sender and receiver utiliDe the application, which ma es for a ind of inherently viral service over which billions of messages are sent each day.WhatsApp is one of the top revenue generating apps in both iTunes and oogle *lay. The serviceis popular among younger people who try to limit the cost of their mobile plans by eliminating extra features such as unlimited texting, but may still retain a data plan. The app is also ideal for  people with friends in various countries as international text messages can be expensive. Additionally, the app<s group-chat experience, which can put doDens of persons with different  phone operating systems into one chat thread.The WhatsApp give unlimited data 0Internet3 usage for WhatsApp while roaming in more than =& countries. %e& are gi'en (elo&  ã Afghanistan ã Australia ã Austria ã !angladesh ã 1anada ã @enmar    ã 2gypt ã ;rance ã ermany ã Eungary ã India ã apan ã MalaysiaWhatsApp, a dream come true of tal ing to a friend sitting oceans apart through radio-waves, means absolutely free. What used to cost a somewhere between Fs. =-%= per message was  brought down to being free by online messaging li e Way+$M$. This was still found to be cumbersome by people mainly due the involvement of internet which re9uired logging or signing in a personal computer or laptop. This is where WhatsApp wal ed in to ma e life easy for $martphone users. It leveraged on the increasing popularity of the term, G$tay 1onnectedH. Where people wanted staying in touch with their friends and loved ones for as low a price as  possible, WhatsApp removed the price aspect from it. It seems this application builders leveraged on the growing population of G$hort message service 0$M$3H users. !AC)ROUND An invention by Gtwo guys with an experience of +& years at 4ahoo5 Inc.H as per the official website, WhatsApp stirred hard the broth !lac !erry 0!!3 had tried to, but could only cater to !lac !erry users, in the form of !! Messenger. 'o wonder, the success of WhatsApp is much greater 0in terms of number of users3 compared to !lac !erry Messenger. It is supported by many platforms  Windows, !lac !erry, Android etc. It has even managed to enter the territory of Apple, which is otherwise difficult to cross for a non-Apple-made application.;rom being a multi-purpose, user-friendly, connectivity application to allowing sharing of not only messages but also images, audio files and videos, WhatsApp is a rage. The reason is pretty obvious  ;rom downloading it to using it, WhatsApp is free5!ut then WhatsApp does cost you something. It demands an internet connection, on the smartphone handset, to be in use. ust out of curiosity, I wonder then why should one not be as
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