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MATTHEW HACKER Royal Drive London, KY, 40741 | | 606-224-8386 OBJECTIVE To get a solid career and success that I plan to achieve SKILLS & I am a very hardworking student in school and willing to do what is ABILITIES necessary. I am also very responsible with my studies and work. EXPERIENCE NO PREVIOUS EMPLOYMEMT Completed many projects privately and in the
  MATTHEW HACKER Royal Drive London, KY, 40741 | matthew.hacker@st.larel.kyschools.s | !0! ##4 $%$! OBJECTIVE &o 'et a solid career and sccess that ( )lan to achieve SKILLS &ABILITIES ( am a very hardworkin' stdent in school and willin' to do what is necessary. ( am also very res)onsi*le with my stdies and work. EXPERIENCE NO PREVIOUS EMPLOYMEMT +om)leted many )roects )rivately and in the -edia rts /ro'ram. EDUCATION 2&3 L2RL 3(53 +3L6nior ( am a very res)onsi*le stdent who kee)s ) with his stdies. ( kee) a solid 5/ with an a*ove 4.0 avera'e COMMUNICATION ( tend to work well with mlti)le dierent )eo)le in the work )lace and ( 'et alon' with every*ody. ( am a hardworkin' 'y who will do anythin' to'et the o* done. LEADERSHIP ( am a solid leader or the oth Larel 3i'h chool *oys soccer team as a senior. REFERENCES ED BOLING , -R. 8L(95 llied 3ealth cience teacher at the +enter or (nnovation, London, KY!0! %0: %!!4
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