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Consumer Behavior - Super shampoo
  CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Case Analysis on Super Shampoo Products and the Indian Mass Maret Su!mitted !y #roup $%A!hina& Reddy'('()'Aash Adh&aryu'('()*+hyati Merchant'('*('Mayan Poharna'('*((Nupur ,oshi'(''(-Su!mitted on *).)%.*)'/ Institute o0 Mana1ement2 Nirma Uni&ersity For Office Use: Grade  Executive Summary The case on super shampoo products and the Indian mass market is about Mr. Suresh Venkataraman wantingto aunch his shampoo brand !Super Shampoo in the rura areas of the #arnataka region and is ana$%ing the rura area&s response to consumer products in order to aunch his product in a successfu wa$. 'e has the aternati(e of aunching the product depending upon the current categor$ norms of bottes pus sachets or  )ust aunching it in the sachet form which is best accepted b$ the targeted rura market. #eeping in mind thatMr. Venkataraman&s target audience is preset he shoud aunch the product in phases. *hase I shoud comprise of on$ the sachets and ater after ooking at the acceptance of the product+ the botted shampoos can be roped in. For its brand positioning+ Super Shampoo shoud be positioned as a high ,uait$ product with a oca appea. Situation Analysis The case in ,uestion gi(es detaied ana$sis of the shampoo market in rura and urban India. Mr. Suresh Venkataraman who was interested in the consumer products market especia$ the shampoo segment conducted a sur(e$ in rura India to gauge the marketing communications and their impact on the consumer  beha(ior. -ue to the di(erse (ariet$ of products+ brands+ ifest$es and cutures of the peope of India (arious uni,ue chaenges were posed to the marketers for them to be abe to bring out a successfu product in the market. The shampoo segment was characteri%ed b$ a ow fre,uenc$ of users in a arge segment which brought fortha huge opportunit$ for new pa$ers to tap this market. The FMG market in the Indian conte/t was at US 0 12 biion as on 3414 and of this the current share of the shampoo market was 5s. 64 biion which had good awareness in both urban and rura areas of India. The top competitors in this market were 'industan Unie(er 7td+ *rocter 8 Gambe+ a(in #are 8 -abur. These companies sod shampoos in botted packs as we as sachets. Out of the tota FMG market+ 9; was contributed b$ rura India. 'owe(er+ the media market in the rura areas was dark as compared to the urban area. The most successfu medium of communication in these areaswas tee(ision which had the highest reach foowed b$ radio. Meas were another wa$ b$ which the marketers coud attract arge crowds and create greater awareness about their respecti(e products. Mr. Venkataraman decided to aunch a shampoo in the rura areas b$ the name of !Super Shampoo . To decide on how to introduce this product in the target market+ he thought of conducting a sur(e$ which woudhep him ana$%e how to best e(erage the huge potentia for consumer products a(aiabe in the rura areas. 'e was aware of the fact that the name aone woud not get him the desired success for his product and he woud ha(e to decide how to address the aread$ e/isting brands as we as how to counter the ad(ertising mechanisms foowed b$ the competitors.  Problem Statement Successfu$ aunching the shampoo brand !Super in South India Alternatives 1.7aunch the shampoo in primar$ stock keeping units <S#Us= i.e. bottes and sachets both as per current categor$ norms3.Offer the shampoo in sachets S#Us on$ as the target geograph$ is rura South India Evaluation of Alternatives 1.7aunch the shampoo in primar$ stock keeping units <S#Us= i.e. bottes and sachets both as per current categor$ normsMr. Venkataraman does not ha(e prior e/perience in this business and since pans on targeting the rura areaof South India+ foowing the eaders woud be a safe option. The top three pa$ers in the shampoo market<name$ inic *us+ 'ead 8 Shouders and hik= aread$ offer their brands in bottes ranging from 39m to944m and aso in sachets ranging from 9m to 2m. >so+ the rura consumers ha(e a wiingness to spende/tra on products that wi offer (aue and with high penetration of media in rura areas+ the awareness e(esof rura consumers are high. Thus+ the want is backed b$ the abiit$ to pa$+ which means the demand e/ists.This makes it eas$ for Mr. Venkatraman to aunch the product successfu$ in the path aread$ chaked out b$ the market eaders. The fip side to this is the fact ?4; of saes of shampoo brands occurs in sachets+especia$ in South India sachets ha(e huge popuarit$. Venturing into an unchartered territor$ that re,uiresin(estments on a arge scae+ and going a in at the first tr$ woud not be wise. The other pa$ers are weestabished and ha(e other S@Us to support an$ oss made b$ a singe shampoo brand in a singe market.'ence aunching in bottes as we as sachets is a highArisk step.3.Offer the shampoo in sachets S#Us on$ as the target geograph$ is rura South India5ura area consumers in the south Indian region contribute to 4; of the tota shampoo saes (oumes. FromB/hibit 2 $ou can see the mean (aue for !I awa$s tr$ new products in sma ,uantities first is (er$ high.This cear$ indicates the demand for the new option and sma window of acceptance for the same. Thedrawback for this coud be the fact that CSuper& wi not be competing on e(e ground with the other pa$ersthat offer more (ariet$ in terms of S#U si%e. @ut since there is a difference in financia musce strength between the estabished companies and Super+ it wi be abe to match up in due course of time.  Recommendation Mr. Venkatraman sees huge opportunit$ in the ower economic strata of consumers in the rura area. >so+ heis fascinated b$ the singe use packaging of shampoo brands that ha(e made the product a(aiabe to thesestrata of consumers. 'e is (er$ cear about the categor$ and target audience and hence it makes sense toaunch the product in phases. *hase 1 shoud be sachet S#Us and ater on+ depending on the acceptance of the product+ botte S#Us can be aunched. From B/hibit ?+ $ou can te that rura consumers beie(e in thefunctiona aspect of the shampoo+ and aso fee more confident after using it. D.1 is a (er$ high mean (auefor !I awa$s bu$ shampoos in sachets on$ which $et again supports the recommendation. The Shampooategor$ Euestionnaire E2 is aso a strong e(idence of the fact that practica$ a the rura consumers bu$shampoo sachets on$.The ne/t chaenge is to market the brand successfu$ so as to compete with the current pa$ers. One ke$recommendation here is that Super shoud position itsef as the high ,uait$ brand that has a oca appea.The word Super associates itsef with Superiorit$ and the product shoud satisf$ the aspirations of the users. 4 P’s Analysis: *5O-UT: ; of respondents use Shikakai to wash their hair <from B/hibit ?=. There are no such products a(aiabecurrent$ in this market <from B/hibit 6=. 'ence this is the gap that Super shoud tr$ to fi which wi gi(e aoca fee to the brand. The respondents ike to spend time and e/tra mone$ to take care of their hair andhence this product woud be a perfect fit.*5IB:Since the product is being aunched in sachets+ Mr. Venkatraman shoud adopt the competiti(e pricingapproach. The brand shoud be priced in a wa$ to induce trias.*7>B:The target group is pre defined b$ Mr. Venkatraman+ which is  5ura South India. Since he has conductedthe sur(e$ in sma towns of #arnatakaA @idadi and 'oskote+ it is safe to assumer that this coud be the pacethat he wishes to distribute his product in.*5OMOTIOH:The respondents cear$ are infuenced b$ 6 factors <B/hibit 2= 1. TV 2. eebrities 3. 5eference groups that incude fami$ and friends and oca kirana walas
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