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Item Plan Start Date Deadline Notes Associate’s Complete August 2015 May 2018 Degree associates at Cpcc Follow up with Had one appt. w/ December 2016 May 2017 career counselor career counselor, have to follow up with her about possible career choices Apply to NC Apply to both Nov
  Item Plan Start Date Deadline Notes  Associate’s DegreeComplete associates at Cpcc  August 2015 May 2018ollo! up !it career counselor #ad one appt$ !%career counselor& a'e to (ollo! up !it er a)out possi)le career c oices Decem)er 201*May 201+ Apply to NC state and ,ncc Apply to )ot sc ool I !ant to get in -ust in caseNo'em)er 201+ ee)uary 2018ind anot er -o) a(ter !or. study  A(ter !or. study at Cpcc I !ill not a'e a -o) so I need to (ind one t at I !ill a'e !ill im at my uni'ersity Decem)er 201+May 2018 /al. to (uture sc ool I need to reassure mysel( t at t is is t e sc ool t at as t e programs I’ (or a more in(ormationa)out t e sc oolin general May 201+No'em)er 201+
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