Carbon Nanoparticles Toxicity

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  Abstract Studies specifcally dealing with the toxicity o nanoparticles have only appeared recently and, although now emerging in the literature, are still rare. Nanoparticles can contribute to stronger, lighter, cleaner, and “smarter” suraces and systems. They are already being used to produce scratchproo eyeglasses, crac!resistant paints, anti!gra ti coatings or walls, transparent sunscreens, etc. #articulate matter present in air pollution, especially rom tra c emissions, is nown to a$ect human health. %arbon Nanoparticles can potentially move rom the lungs to otherorgans such as the brain, the liver, the spleen and possibly the oetus in pregnant women. The e$ect o carbon blac has been shown to be more severe than that o titanium!di!oxide. The ma&or emerging issue to be discussed in the context o the biological interactions o nanoparticles is related to those particles with little or no solubility, or being non! degradable at the locality where accumulation is observed. There remain many unnown details about the interaction o nanoparticles and biological systems. 'ata on the behavior o particles is also available rompharmaceutical studies in which ormulations involving nanoscale components are used to solve problems dealing with insolubility o drug ormulations and or drug delivery. (n a recent study in rats carbon nanoparticles )about *+ nm were ound to induce a mild but consistent increase in heart rate but only induced a low grade pulmonary in-ammation. %areul examination and interpretation o existing data and careul planning o new research is, however, reuired i we are to establish the true /co!toxicity o nanoparticles, and the di$erences with conventional orms o the substances.
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