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sample documentation for Inventory system
  PC Square Inventory And Sales CHAPTER IINTRODUCTION The Present era is the age of Information technology. Easy access to information andinterfacing of database with decision making rocess are quite vital in the rocess of comuter technology. The whole economy of any country deends on the business osition of the countryand how the business is adoting the new technology. In addition to this any business! cansurvive in this cometing market only if the business is running with the growth of the currenttechnological advancements. Presently the database available in book format is not easilyaccessible. ike in other areas! the area of business and marketing too! sales and inventorysystem is becoming quite ertinent. #onitoring of roduct stocks and sales of the business! butin order to overcome those matters! the researchers must conduct several ractices such asobservation! interview and countless researching regarding on how the system will be develoed.  $  PC Square Inventory And Sales BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY A Sales and Inventory system is a web%based business solution used to simultaneouslytrack activity and inventory. The &usiness and Customers can both benefit from a thoroughsolution! where single transaction entry records necessary details on the customer! roducts urchased! rice! invoice number! and date while also udating inventory stock. 'singcomuteri(ed sales and inventory systems allows for much greater accuracy in stocking and roduct management. They encourage ease of interaction between emloyees and customers astransaction are rocessed and items move from business to the consumer. Comuteri(ed saleshel rovide better insight into which branch makes higher sales! and how much sales does every branch made. Comuteri(ed sales and inventory systems save time for business by seeding utransaction while raising accuracy. This allows for confidence in accounting and accountabilityamong emloyees as it is easy to verify how much money and what time transactions took lace.They also allow for consistent e)erience in terms of customer service. Peole know there isalways uniform interaction at the register that requires tendering ayment! taking a receit andtransition of ownershi of roducts and services. This generates confidence in a business andensures ongoing consumer relationshis. Comuteri(ed systems are the most common method of inventory control and sales rocessing in retail markets.In using this comuteri(ed sales and inventory system you can establish the benefits youand your business handling may have. *irst is time savings. The amount of time that can besaved by a business is erhas the biggest benefit of using a comuteri(ed inventory system. Incases where a sho maintains all data manually! its manager must reconcile each sales receitwith every iece of hysical inventory.  +  PC Square Inventory And Sales ,eending on the si(e of the establishment and how many different roducts are sold!this can be a daunting and time consuming task. It that same store! however! used a comuteri(ed oint of sale or P-S System! the master inventory list would be udated electronically each timea sale is made. An additional benefit of using a comuteri(ed inventory system is the accuracy itensures. hen an inventory list is maintained by hand! the margin of error widens with eachudate. If one mathematical calculation is wrong or one tyo is made! disaster may occur. Andlastly is the consistency. A small business oerates most efficiently when its rocesses aree)ecuted in a consistent manner. &y using a comuteri(ed inventory system! a business rorietor can ensures that all orders! reorts and other documents relating to inventory areuniform in their resentation! regardless of who has created them. This will allow ease of reading. In addition! uniformity creates a rofessional aearance! which can go a long way toimress associates! such as otential investors. IMPORTANCE OF THE WORK  The imortance of the study to PC Square is efficiency in monitoring their roductsstock! easy to retrieve and accurate customer transaction record! and reliable sales reort basedon the transaction made by the customer. /  PC Square Inventory And Sales STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The main roblem is to manage an electronic sho using offline oint of sale systemwhich only includes monitoring of roduct stocks! and sales of a single branch.  #anual system used in urchasing transaction! generating receit! and reservation of customer transaction record.  Inefficient monitoring of other branch roducts stocks availability  &y using offline system every branch has its own system which is inconvenient for the rorietor to know the rofit of the whole business.These roblems have initiated the researchers to develo such system! which will be helful for the business! which deals in the sales of electronic roducts.  0
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