Canonical Authors and Works of Philippine National Artist in Literature

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   ABSTRACT This research will introduce to us the important activities and undertakings of the life of Rice farmers in Brgy. Pagsabangan, Tagum City. How the system should the farmers go on their rice crops, from land preparation of their farmsoil, purchases of their farm inputs used for planting, the care-maintenance and up to the harvesting period of their produced product. The main issue and concern of the farmers is the high prices of farm inputs such as seeds, pesticides and fertilizers. Rice production is very laborious and intensive, nowadays the rate of laborer and maintenance is very expensive. The farmers cannot anticipate the outcome of how much the expected harvest they should get. The problems of flood and insect infestation during vegetative stage of the palay will hampers the target harvest. The climate change they anticipate during the life of palay crops and the fluctuation of prices during marketing of their harvest will also add the crusade and difficulty how palay rice being produced. Rice is the staple food of the Filipino people. Over 90 percent of the population of Tagum City will prefer and consumed rice With growing prosperity and urbanization, per capita rice consumption has started to increase due to the demand and popular of this cereal grain products.  According to Dictionary, rice is the seed of the grass species  Oryza sativa  (Asian rice) or   Oryza glaberrima  (African rice). As a cereal grain, it is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in Asia. The starchy seeds or grain of an annual marsh grass, cultivated in warm climates and used for food. It is the agricultural commodity with the third-highest worldwide production, after  sugarcane and maize, according to 2012 FAOSTAT data. The task of increasing the current level of production and increasing the area of land to till will face additional difficulties of the Barangay as many of the farm area was converted to Banana Plantation and habitat for housing and commercial establishment. Proper intervention of the local government is much higher needed to protect the conversion of the arable land into commercial and subdivision purposes. Their must be proper and  strict compliance in the implementation of the law in the classification of area between agricultural and commercial land use. Such law should be implemented properly to protect the arable rice area to stand as agricultural purposes only and cannot be converted to other land use.
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