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Duration for receiving eTA approval The Electronic Travel Authorization Application Agency lets you apply online to get your eTA done. You may receive your eTA approval via email, within minutes at the earliest or it may take up to a couple of days if any inaccuracy is found with the information you have provided. Since you will be able to travel to Canada without any issue once you receive your eTA, it is also known as the eTA visa. Address: 35 Queensway London W2 4QJ Phone: 0114 358 3910
  Canada Eta Address:35 QueenswayLondonW2 4QJPhone:0114 358 3910https://www.anadaeta!r pt on:#urat on $or ree ! n% e&A appro!a' &he ('etron  &ra!e' Author )at on App' at on A%eny 'ets you app'y on' ne to %et your e&A done. *ou +ay ree !e your e&A appro!a' ! a e+a ', w th n + nutes at the ear' est or t +ay ta-e up to a oup'e o$ days $ any nauray s $ound w th the n$or+at on you ha!e pro! ded.  ne you w '' e a'e to tra!e' to anada w thout any ssue one you ree !e your e&A, t s a'so -nown as the e&A ! sa.
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