Burkina Faso: New life for the Sahel?

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Burkina Faso, known as Upper Volta before the revolution of 1983, is one of the poorest nations in the world. Like other African nations in the arid Sahelian region, it faces formidable environmental problems. With a history of colonial exploitation and very few natural resources, Burkina might seem to be a hopeless case. In the following pages, this account of development in Burkina Faso today tries to convey something of the conditions of life, the hopes and aspirations of its people, the conflicts they face and the never-ending struggles which many must endure in order to have any future at all.
  CONTENTS Introduction 3Empires of gold 4A rich mosaic of cultures 5Down with the toadies 8Capitalism with a Marxistface 11Getting organised 12The environmental challenge 14Record crops but not enoughto eat 20The road to prosperity? 25Gold at any price 27Holding up half the sky 28Words don't come easy ... 31A limited right to know 32Bullets before bandages 33The pressure of numbers 34Concrete replaces mud 35Power for the people is stillfirewood 36Getting about 37Is all this aid doing any good? 38Who is helping whom? 40Future conditional 42Facts and figures 44Dates and events 45Sources and further reading 47 © Oxfam 1990Designed by Oxfam Design Mike BrainPrinted by Oxfam Print UnitPublished by Oxfam274 Banbury RoadOxford 0X2 7DZISBN 085598 130 X BURKIN F SO NEW  LIFE FOR THE SAHEL for  xfam  by  Robin Sharp This book converted to digital file in 2010
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