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return to updates Who is Ted Bundy? by Miles Mathis I was led to look again at Ted Bundy after writing my recent exposé of the Tate “murders,” where I showed the whole thing was manufactured by the Intelligence Agencies (FBI, CIA, DIA, ONI). Since Bundy's alleged killing spree started just five years later, we should ask if this series of events was manufactured as well, and i
  return to updates Who is Ted Bundy? by Miles Mathis I was led to look again at Ted Bundy after writing my recent expos é of the Tate “murders,” where I showed the whole thing was manufactured by the Intelligence Agencies !BI, IA, #IA, $%I&' (ince Bundy)s alleged killing spree started *ust fi+e years later, we should ask if this series of e+ents was manufactured as well, and if so, for what reason' If you ha+en)t read my -.page /#! on the Tate “murders,” you are in no position to read further here' 0ou will find my line of reasoning bi1arre' But after you ha+e read that paper, you will see e+erything in a different light' 2y first clue that the Bundy murders were all faked was disco+ering that, like harles “Tex” 3atson, Bundy supposedly fathered a child while on death row' (ince that is impossible, we ha+e an early indication that this whole thing is another charade' But what really got me on the right track was looking at Bundy)s earlier life' In 4566, Bundy went to the 7ni+ersity of 3ashington to study hinese' Big red flag' Those who study foreign languages in college, especially 8ussian and hinese, are disproportionately recruited by Intelligence' In addition, we know he worked on %elson 8ockefeller)s /residential campaign in 456, and of course 8ockefeller was long in+ol+ed in Intelligence, including  being /resident of the %( and hairman of the / 9 /lanning oordination 9roup:o+erseeing the IA& under ;isenhower' <ater, Bundy was a spy for 8epublican 9o+ernor #aniel ;+ans of 3ashington in 45=>, posing as a college student to shadow ;+ans) opponent, and:ama1ingly:this is admitted at 3ikipedia' ?e was then hired as assistant to the (tate 8epublican /arty hairman' Bundy was accepted to law school on the recommendation of ;+ans' ;+ans was also a staunch supporter of 8ockefeller, perhaps losing a @ice /residential nomination when he refused to endorse %ixon in 456' 3e ha+e a series of red flags there, indicating Bundy was already an insider and spy from the  beginning' As for his birth and life as a child, it all looks like a rewrite and whitewash' ;+ery story has three +ariations, and none of them make sense or are consistent' ?is biographies read like poor fiction,  written by flunkies at <angley' (o who was Bundy, really $r I should say, who is  Ted BundyI got nowhere on that uestion for about a year, since I wasn)t willing to tra+el to look up documents' !inally, the answer fell into my lap' 3e ha+e seen that the elite like to use their own children in their manufactured e+ents, since these children are a+ailable and +ery easy to control' In most cases, they don)t e+en bother to change any names' Think of <ynette “(ueaky” !romme, (haron Tate, Abigail !olger, (usan Atkins, Cohn /hillips, and Cim 2orrison' !or an example beyond the Tate e+ent, where we saw many children of the elite used, think of Cohn ?inckley, Cr' ?inckley)s father was a close  personal friend of the Bushes, and the Bushes were e+en dining with the ?inckleys the night of the alleged shooting of 8eagan' ;+en that hint didn)t help me until I started studying IA control of art in the 45DE)s and 6E)s, through the ongress for ultural !reedom and other front organi1ations' In that research, I stumbled across 2c9eorge Bundy, %ational (ecurity Ad+isor  IA super+isor& to Fennedy and Cohnson and later president of the !ord !oundation' Before that, in 45D- he was appointed #ean of Arts and (ciences at ?ar+ard' ?e was only -G at the time of that appointment' That was possible only  because Bundy was already IA at the time' ?e had been on the ouncil of !oreign 8elations since he was >5' ?e had been in Intelligence since 45G4, when he *oined $(( right out of 0ale at age >>' ?e was born into the prominent Boston Brahmin families of Bundy, /utnam, <owell, etc'2c9eorge)s older Brother 3illiam was also a prominent IA agent, being also a foreign affairs ad+isor to both Fennedy and Cohnson' ?e had a key role in planning the @ietnam 3ar' /erhaps e+en more interesting is that after his go+ernment ser+ice, he became a historian, writing many books' The most famous is  A Tangled Web: The Making of Foreign Policy in the Nixon Presidency ' 3e are told that 3illiam had three childrenH 2ichael, hristopher and arol' Bundy' ' 'Bundy' 3as it that simple ?ad they really not e+en bothered to change the names <ooks like it' <ooks like they decided to make it easy on Ted, letting him keep his name' They were so confident from past successes, they figured they could co+er up e+ery link afterwards' They would tell e+eryone Ted had been adopted, was originally named owell, and so on' 2ark thatH owell' It is a little *oke, since, as we ha+e seen, the IA lo+es inside *okes' It is one letter from <owell' 3e ha+e  *ust seen that 2c9eorge)s mother was a <owell of the famous <owells of Boston, and she was Ted)s grandmother' They also hid 2c9eorge)s children' %otice they are not listed at 3ikipedia' ?is family isn)t e+en mentioned, and you would think he was gay or a bachelor' I had to go to old obituaries to find out that 2c9eorge had four sons, (tephen, Andrew, 3illiam, and Cames' If we do a websearch on those names, we find con+incing pictures of (tephen, Andrew and Cames, and none of them look to be Ted' They look somewhat like Ted enough to be brothers or cousins&, but no match' But we find no  pictures of 3illiam' 3as he less well known, hence the lack of web photos, or was there a fifth  brother This will ha+e to be determined by further research'The fact that they hid 2c9eorge)s children and his early photographs leads me to suspect Ted is his son, rather than the son of 3illiam' But Ted could be the son of a third unknown brother for all I know' The genealogy appears to ha+e been changed, so I ha+e no paperwork to go on for this essay' I ha+e not unco+ered documents here, since it is doubtful they exist' I am pursuing facial comparisons, since that is my specialty' That and photo analysis' To get started, we should first ask if Ted is the right age to be a son of 2c9eorge or 3illiam' ?e is' 3illiam was born in 454=, 2c9eorge was born in 4545 and Ted was said to ha+e been born in 45G6' In 45G6, 2c9eorge was >=, a probable time for a first son' (ince 2c9eorge didn)t marry until 45DE, it  is possible Ted was illegitimate' It is also possible they simply changed the dates' This plays into Ted)s faked bio, since in that bio Ted and his biographers tell se+eral stories about finding a birth certificate or being shown one by a cousin' ?e is supposed to ha+e disco+ered his grandparents weren)t his real  parents, and that his sister was really his mother' That was always beyond belief, and we now see a more likely history for Ted' ?e may indeed ha+e been a bastard, but he was 3illiam or 2c9eorge)s  bastard, not the bastard of some air force +eteran named <loyd 2arshall' That name is also a IA *oke, since the IA was founded as an introduction to the 2arshall /lan in 45G=' 9eneral 2arshall would be (ecretary of (tate beginning in 45G= and then (ecretary of #efense in 45DE' Ted was said to ha+e been  born in 45G6, when the $(( IA was already forming the 2arshall /lan to fight ommunism in ;urope' It is also interesting that Ted was said to ha+e been born in @ermont' Although he is later tied to the 3est oast, @ermont is of course *ust abo+e 2assachusetts' Burlington is about >EE miles from Boston' All this is admittedly speculati+e and circumstantial, but it is gi+en a +ery large dose of legitimacy by studying photos of the three menH  The first two are of 3illiam Bundy, the last three Ted' I couldn)t find any photos of 2c9eorge as a young man' At first I thought I had found one, but it was mis.tagged' $n further research, all of them turned out to be 3illiam' urious that we don)t ha+e any of 2c9eorge as a young man' /ossibly he looked e+en more like Ted than 3illiam' At any rate, as a professional portrait painter:hired by wealthy people to reproduce their likenesses or the likenesses of their children:I can tell you the match abo+e is uite close' If not for the difference in the upper lip, these people could be clones'  %otice they ha+e the same eyebrows, the same *awline, the same head shape exactly&, the same si1e forehead, the same eye.to.mouth ratio, the same neck si1e, similar ears, and +ery nearly the same noses' 3illiam tends to suint probably because of the glasses& while Ted tends to open his eyes wide,  but other than that the eyes are the same, too' They are the same width and they tilt up the same' Ted was probably instructed to open his eyes wide, to make him look cra1y' They ga+e the same direction to 2anson fi+e years earlier' Ted and 3illiam e+en ha+e the same color hair and part it on the same side' 0ou can see Ted)s natural part in pics > and -, and it matches his father)s' They ha+e parted it on the wrong side for the mugshots, which is why it is flopping o+er in a weird way' That is what anyone)s hair will do when they part it opposite of the way it naturally grows or is trained' 3illiam, 2c9eorge and Ted were also the same heightH D)5” to D)4E” and the same weight and build' Another indication is pro+ided by the fact that all three men had blue eyes with brown hair, which isn)t that common in the 7(' The odds that both men would ha+e this mixed trait is on the order of 4 in a hundred 44E times 44E&' It was  common in the Bundy family howe+er, since (tephen, Andrew, and Cames also had the same trait'
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