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BREAKFAST MEAL MENU PER UNIT: 4 Eggs (scrambled or fried) 2 cups Hash Browns 4 pieces French Toast 4 cups Milk 1 Orange 1 cluster Grapes SUPPLIES: o 5 or 6 Eggs o 3-4 Baked Potatoes o 4 cups Milk (please o 1/3 c. Oil measure correctly) o 1 Orange o ¼ cup Milk o 1 cluster Grapes o 4 Pieces of Bread o Salt and pepper o ¼ t. Cinnamon
  BREAKFAST MEAL MENU PER UNIT: 4 Eggs (scrambled or fried)2 cups Hash Browns4 pieces French Toast4 cups Milk !range cluster rapes SUPPLIES: o # or $ Eggs o 4 cups Milk (please measure correctl%) o & cup Milk o 4 'ieces of Bread o & t innamon o *+4 Baked 'otatoes o ,* c !il o  !range o  cluster rapes o -alt and pepper o 4 .apkins  o o  DIRECTIONS: o 'repare meal according to the following directions/ setthe table with all the necessar% plates/ utensils/ cups/napkins/ and condiments Eat and en0o% %our meal1 leanup %our lab once %ou are nished oooooo o  HASH BROWNS: o 'reheat o3en to 2 degrees rate or cube baked potatoes/ (peeling potatoes is optional) Heat oil in skillet/add potatoes ook on medium heat until lightl% browned/turning potatoes often -alt and pepper to taste 'ut in ser3ing bowl o3er with foil and put in warm o3en o o  FRENCH TOAST: o Beat  egg/ & cup milk/ & t cinnamon in a shallow bowl 5ip each piece of bread in mi6ture and cook on medium hot skillet that has been spra%ed with cooking oil ook both sides until lightl% browned 'ut on ser3ing plate o3er with foil and put in warm o3en o o  EGGS:  o -pra% skillet with cooking oil Fr% or scramble the 4 eggs as desired o o  FRUIT: o ut/ peel/ or section orange creati3el% arrange with grapes on plate o o
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