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  Republic of the Philippines CAVITE STATE UNIVERSITY Don Severino De Las Alas CampusIndang, Cavite(0! #$0%0#0 & (0! #$0%0#' loc 0!)))*cvsu*edu*ph YOUTH ON THE ROCK A.Y. 2016-2017 #' +ebruar 0#- DR. HERNANDO D. ROBLES PresidentCavite State .niversitSir/reeting )ith solidarit12he Youth on the Ro!  , a dul recogni3ed socio%civic organi3ation of CaviteState .niversit that aspires to train and develop leaders among students, )ill beconducting an event this coming e#$u%$& 2'( 2017 , Thu$)*%& , from 2+, to+, at Un/e$)t& u%*$%ne , )hich invites members and vacant studentsfrom Cavite State .niversit to participate in the said event* As a response to theongoing semester, a post%4alentine event )ill be conducted for the recognition of 5outh on the Roc6 7rgani3ation and presentation of 5roc6 Programs, as )ell asthe ne) 5Roc6 CvS. 7fficers*8ith the theme entitled 3Bn* D%te4 5he$e T$ue Lo/e A%t)  5Roc6 7rgani3ation aspires to inspire students to unfold the blindness about the trueand deeper meaning of love* It also aims to build camaraderie and strongconnection among 5roc6 members and appreciate devotion to one another*In line )ith this, )e )ould li6e to as6 permission from our good office to allo)us to conduct the said activit* 9ere)ith are the programme flo) and the budgetar estimate of the event*8e are hoping for our favorable response regarding this matter*2han6 ou ver much* od bless*Respectfull ours, 8O9EL BRYAN :. TERRIBLE President, 5Roc6 7rg :oted b/ :ERLIE NAHILAT( RS5( :SS5 Adviser, 5Roc6 7rgRecommending Approval/ SHARON :. ISI; 7IC, 7SAS 8ULIO <. ALAVA( ;h. D 4ice President for ;<ternal and =usiness Affairs CA:ILO A. ;OLIN<A( ;h. D 4ice President for Academic AffairsApproved b/ HERNANDO D. ROBLES( ;h. D .niversit President 2016-2017 O ICERS8o=e B$&%n :. Te$$#e President Noe A. C%&%o 4ice President%   Internal N>on <. Deo)% 4ice President%   ;<ternal R%+h 8e)on C.T%$$o?% Secretar Ren R. O$to)% Assistant Secretar 8e))% :%e D. B%%%n 2reasurer  8o%ne R. B%to)nen Auditor  Ne ;. An*%, Public Relations 7fficer  Re&n%*o 8$ S. O%$/e ;vent Coordinator 5%R7C> Program Directors 8h%&,e E/e . Re)ueo 5%:o) Director  Ren%&nne 8o&e Ro)%$*% 5%2ec Director  E$ne D%/e A. <u&o 5%Lead Director  :). :e$e N%h%t  Adviser 
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