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  REFERENCES  Aldevera, et. al. (2000). “ An Evaluation of the Proposed Sanitary Landfill in Davao City. Ateneo de !anila. (a essed #an. $%, 20$& fro' .oo ities.or*reen+uris*'l)Chai, #in-Chun and !iura, orihi/o (2002). “Co'parin the Perfor'an e of LandfillLiner Syste' in #apan (a essed #an., &0, 20$& fro' toshi$.a-u.a .p* haieneroi 1, A, ul 1y /a, #., oals/i, 3. and !a/ara, A. (20$$). Appli ation of !ulti-Criteria Analysis in !anae'ent of !uni ipal 4aste in Chosen5eion in Poland. Pro eedins of the 6nternational Conferen e on Solid4aste 20$$- !ovin 7oards Sustaina8le !anae'ent, 9on/on.( A essed #an. $&, 20$& fro' usu'oatt, #. and 4ar8ur, .6. (20$$).“Pro-Poor Car8on :inan in 7hrouh 6P5A9 Co''unity-;ased 4aste !anae'ent in 6ndonesia. Pro eedins of the6nternational Conferen e on Solid 4aste 20$$- !ovin 7oardsSustaina8le !anae'ent, 9on/on. (A essed #an. $&, 20$&)Dr. Snel, !arielle and Dr. Ali, !ansoor ($<<<). “Sta/eholder Analysis in Lo al Solid 4aste !anae'ent S he'es. (A essed #an. $=, 20$& fro' http>**.l8oro.a .u/*ell*) ?in, #iayi (20$$). “Dealin ith aste, thin/in a8out individual !ater 7hesis inoreian @niversity of S ien e and 7e hnoloy. (A essed #an. $=, 20$&fro' * *do u'ent+li8rary*et+file)3han, 9.?., 3an, ;., Li, .., 4an, .. and !a, 3.9. (20$$). “7heCo'prehensive 7reat'ent Pattern of !uni ipal Solid 4astes ;ased onCateory Classifi ation of ;eiin. Pro eedins of the 6nternationalConferen e on Solid 4aste 20$$- !ovin 7oards Sustaina8le!anae'ent, 9on/on. ( A essed #an. $&, 20$&)ovindarau, !., 5ani, L.!., 5aina, C. and Selvara, !. (20$$). “6nterated 4aste!anae'ent in @r8an Areas @sin eoraphi 6nfor'ation Syste' (6S).Pro eedins of the 6nternational Conferen e on Solid 4aste 20$$- !ovin7oards Sustaina8le !anae'ent, 9on/on. (A essed #an. $&, 20$&fro' http>**.enesysph.or “Proposed Construction of Sanitary Landfill and Materials Recovery Facility  ,Palaui, 3a'8ales, 20$$  http>**.san arlos ityintera tive. o'* ontent*astes-find-their-ay-sanitary-landfillshttp>**philippines./noi. o'*uide-the-first-sanitary-landfill-in-the-philippines*http>**.s'Bl*safedisposal.phphttp>**.pia.*nes*inde.phparti le$<&$&&%=%<==%http>**.undp.or.ph
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