Best Practice in the Recruitment and Employment of Migrant Workers in the Social Care Sector in Merseyside | Migrant Worker | Immigration

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Over the past twelve months Oxfam, Migrant Workers North West and Liverpool Social Care Partnership have worked with employers in the social care sector to identify and develop ‘good practice’ guidance in the recruitment and employment of migrant workers. The aim of the project was to provide support to the employers to implement this good practice. The project was set up in collaboration with four social care employers in Liverpool, and took place between April 2007 and April 2008. This report provides an overview of the work of the project and describes its key learning and recommendations.
  Best Practice in therecruitment andemployment of migrantworkers in the social caresector in Merseyside.  A joint project between Liverpool Social Care Partnership, Oxfam, and Migrant Workers North West and social care employers. May 2008  23  Table of Contents SummaryThe PartnersMigrant workers in the UK – background Project background and contextMigrant workers employed in Social CareThe Project process Challenges and Constraints of the work Changes that have taken place as a result of the projectGood Practice GuidelinesLearning from OthersNext steps
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