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LEXI BENNETT 464 Craig Road Forsyth, GA 31029 478.319.8850 OBJECTIVES To join a staff and/or corporation that promotes development and willing to implement changes as needed, for the betterment of the company. E D U C AT I O N California State University 2021-2025 BA- Elementary Education EXPERIENCE Child-Care Worker | M e l n y e x P u b l i c October 2023 – March 2025 Data e
  LEXI BENNETT 464 Craig Road Forsyth, GA 310294! 319 !!#0$ a%&'is (&))&tt*+shoo%s orgL&'i(&))&tt -&&(%y o+ OBJECTIVES  To .oi) a sta/ a)dor ororatio) that ro+ot&s d&&%o+&)t a)d -i%%i)g to i+%&+&)t ha)g&s as )&&d&d, or th& (&tt&r+&)t o th& o+a)y EDUCATIONCalifornia State University 2021202#BA E%&+&)tary Ed5atio) EXPERIENCE Chi%dCar& or7&r   |   Melnye P! li# 8to(&r 2023  :arh 202# ;ata &)try, tyi)g, %&a)i)g, orga)i<i)g, assisti)g th& dir&tor INTERESTS  =&%i)g oth&rs  >%ayi)g +5sia% i&&s  R&adi)g Lexi Bennett   BSMS   Ms. Dorsey  B Group / Business Education
bennett lexi

bennett lexi

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