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2016/2017 Behavior Committee Who: Anyone is welcome to join, but below is a list of our “musts”. Matilda Tredway- meeting facilitator *****- administrator ***** - school counselor 1 Representative from each grade level team 1 Resource Representative 1 Specials Representative 1 Classified Representative 1 Para Representative Time Commitment: Wednesday afternoons, 3:15-4:15 (Start Date- Feb. 3rd) 2015/2016 School Year-
  2016/2017 Behavior Committee Who: Anyone is welcome to join, but below is a list o our !musts # Matilda Tredway- meeting facilitator*****- administrator***** - school counselor1 Representative from each grade level team1 Resource Representative1 Specials Representative1 Classied Representative1 Para Representative $ime Commitment: We%nes%ay aternoons, &:1'():1' *+tart ate( -eb# &r%. !1 #!1$ School %ear- &imonthly' (ednesday meetings) to ic-o+ the committeeMonthly' (ednesday meetings) once a routine and tas delegation is in place!1$#!1, School %ear-&imonthly' (ednesday meetings) for successful implementation and supportMonthly' (ednesday meetings) once a ehavior plan is taing o+ .ach memer will receive a free copy of Conscious Discipline y &ecy &ailey/ .ach memer will share an assigned chapter from the oo/-Possile credit for oo study over the summer bjectives -Share representatives ehavior strategies' plans' and e0pectations-Collaorate to form school-wide ehavior e0pectations-esign a common school-wide ehavior system 2common language' strategies' tools' etc/3-esign a school-wide ehavior system that re4ects 5eedham6s uni7ue school culture' sta+' 8&' and is specic to all areas of the uilding 2hall' cafeteria' playground' etc/3-Collaorate with and support 5eedham sta+ in the consistent implementation of the school-wide ehavior plan for the !1$#!1, school year-Twea school-wide ehavior plan as needed' ased o+ of sta+ feedac and student success ereshments will be rovi%e%
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