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  10. 02. 2017. Beginner weight training program | Weight Training Guide 2/9 The program is divided into four microcycles, each one lasting for three weeks. The ힿrst twomicrocycles focus on full-body circuit training, which means that you will be training your entire bodyin each workout and having minimal rest between exercises. The last two microcycles focus on splittraining, which means that you will be dividing your body and training dierent parts in dierentworkouts.Please don’t be intimidated by the number of exercises in some of the workouts. You will be ණyingthrough them with very little rest, so the workouts will be over very quickly.Please read the Overview before you start this program. Suitability BeginnersLifters with less than three months of consistent weight training experienceExperienced lifters who haven’t trained for more than three months Instructions Use an amount of weight that makes completing the reps challenging.As you get stronger and need to increase the weight, add a maximum of 5 lb or 2.5 kg to upper-body exercises and a maximum of 10 lb or 5 kg to lower-body exercises—just enough to make therep range challenging again.Complete the exercises in the order provided.Try to master the proper form of each exercise, including proper breathing technique.As you train, try to develop a mental connection with your muscles.If, for some reason, you can’t perform one of the exercises, see the Overview for alternatives.Don’t forget to warm up before, and cool down after, each workout. Each workout, including warmup and cooldown, should take no longer than an hour.Once you have completed the beginner weight training program, you must take a deload week (aweek during which you must either rest or train lightly). Only then can you move on to the nextprogram.Speciힿc instructions for each microcycle are presented below. Microcycle 1: Full-body circuit (3 weeks) For microcycle 1, you will perform a full-body circuitComplete 2 circuits per workout                     10. 02. 2017. Beginner weight training program | Weight Training Guide 3/9 Complete 3 workouts per week, with at least 1 day of rest between each workout (AXAXAXX, where“A” means workout day and “X” means rest day)Rest for only 20 to 30 seconds between exercisesRest for 2 to 3 minutes between the circuitsEach workout should take less than 40 minutesExerciseRepsDumbbell squat*15–18Wide-grip lat pull-down15–18Seated or lying leg curl15–18 Dumbbell bench press15–18Machine standing calf raise25–30Seated cable row15–18Bicycle crunch15–20Seated dumbbell overhead press15–18Dumbbell curl15–18Dumbbell kickback15–18*Bodyweight squat for ힿrst week (YouTube link) Microcycle 2: Full-body circuit (3 weeks) For microcycle 2, you will perform another full-body circuitComplete either 3 workouts a week (AXAXAXX) or a workout every other day (AX)Complete 2 circuits per workoutRest for only 20 to 30 seconds between exercisesRest for 2 to 3 minutes before starting the second circuitEach workout should take less than 40 minutesExerciseReps                     10. 02. 2017. Beginner weight training program | Weight Training Guide 4/9 Barbell squat13–15Close neutral grip lat pull-down13–15Dumbbell Romanian deadlift (YouTube link)13–15Push-up (on knees if necessary)13–15Dumbbell lunge13–15Bent-over dumbbell row13–15Seated or lying leg curl13–15 Dumbbell one-arm overhead press13–15Standing dumbbell one-leg calf raise (YouTube link)25–30Bicycle crunch20–25EZ bar curl13–15 Microcycle 3: Upper–Lower split (3 weeks) For microcycle 3, you will perform an upper–lower split. This means that you will train all of yourupper body in one workout and all of your lower body in another workout. Also, instead of circuittraining, you will perform set training, which means that you will complete all of the sets for oneexercise before moving on to the sets of the following exerciseRecommended workout schedules: ABXABXX or ABXRest for only 20 to 30 seconds between setsRest for only 60 to 90 seconds between exercisesEach workout should take less than 40 minutesWorkout A (Upper Body)ExerciseSets x RepsOne-arm lat pull-down (YouTube link)2 x 13–15Seated cable row2 x 13–15Barbell bench press2 x 13–15                     10. 02. 2017. Beginner weight training program | Weight Training Guide 5/9 Workout A (Upper Body)ExerciseSets x RepsBarbell overhead press2 x 13–15Cable face pull2 x 13–15Triceps rope push-down2 x 13–15Dumbbell concentration curl2 x 13–15Cable twist (YouTube link)2 x 13–15Front plank2 x 45–60 sWorkout B (Lower Body)ExerciseSets x RepsBarbell front squat2 x 13–15Dumbbell reverse lunge (YouTube link)2 x 13–15Barbell Romanian deadlift2 x 13–15Seated or lying leg curl2 x 13–15 Standing dumbbell one-leg calf raise (YouTube link)2 x 20–25Machine seated calf raise2 x 20–25Lying side hip raise2 x 20–25Bicycle crunch2 x 20–25Lying leg and hip raise2 x 15–20 Microcycle 4: 3-day split (3 weeks) For microcycle 4, you will perform a 3-day split in which you will train your back, biceps, and corein Workout A; your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core in Workout B; and your legs and core inWorkout C                   
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