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Bellingham Central Lions Club Branding Guide Created by Max Broburg, Amelia Thompson and Alex Van Valkenburgh Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 4.0 Programs 1.1 Mission Statement – 4.1 Frank Haskell Eye pg. 4 Clinic – pg. 17 2.0 Identity 4.2 Hearing Program – 2.1 The Emblem – pg. 6 pg. 18 2.2 Nameplate – pg. 7 4.3 General – pg. 19 2.3 Signature – pg. 8 5.0 Sample Applications 2.4 Coloration – pg. 9 5.1 Brochur
  Bellingham Central Lions Club Branding Guide Created by Max Broburg, Amelia Thompson and Alex Van Valkenburgh  Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Mission Statement  – pg. 4 2.0 Identity 2.1 The Emblem  – pg. 62.2 Nameplate  – pg. 7 2.3 Signature  – pg. 8 2.4 Coloration  – pg. 9 2.5 Unacceptable Signatures  – pg. 10 3.0 Design 3.1 Posters  – pg. 123.2 Flyers  – pg. 133.3 Photography  – pg. 14-15 4.0 Programs 4.1 Frank Haskell Eye Clinic  – pg. 17 4.2 Hearing Program  – pg. 184.3 General  – pg. 19 5.0 Sample Applications 5.1 Brochures  – pg. 2122 5.2 Newsletters  – pg. 23- 245.3 Posters  – pg. 255.4 News Articles  – pg. 26 2  1.0 -Introduction 3  1.1  – Mission Statement The Bellingham Central Lions Club branding guide is a comprehensive manual displaying the brand essence and intentions of the Lions Club. This manual also can be used to assist with other inquiries about the Lions Club.This manual is designed to deliver the brand essence of the Bellingham Central Lions Club through examples of proper uses of logos, photos and the clubs intentions. The central mission of the club is to serve the community of Bellingham and Whatcom County with a variety of health and social issues.The Lions Club is dedicated to serving the community, without a motive or reward attached to any service provided. The motto “We Serve“ describes the intentions and ethics of the Lions Club as an organization that is about contributing to the well-being of the community.The Bellingham Central Lions Clubs central objectives are to help the community prevent curable diseases related to sight and hearing. Other projects include improving literacy and community projects to benefit Whatcom County. The Lions Club is dedicated to making the community a better place through community service and engagement. This branding guide is a reflection of the Lions Clubs ethics and message through logo descriptions, past promotional material and information about programs and their requirements. 4
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