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Financial Manager Role of a Financial Manager Set up financial plans and policies Prepare balance sheets Decide on financial investment Monitor cash flow Prepare financial information for tax purposes Interpret and implement new procedures Supervise one or more departments Traits Employers search for certain traits: Good communication skills Problem solving Time management Math skills Pay & Employment The outlook for financial managers in Georgia: 14,660 Financial Managers
  Financial Manager  Role of a Financial Manager  Set up nancial plans and policies  Prepare balance sheets  Decide on nancial investment  Monitor cash ow  Prepare nancial information for tax purposes  Interpret and implement new procedures  Supervise one or more departments   raits !mplo ers search for certain traits#  $ood communication s%ills  Problem solving   ime management  Math s%ills  Pa & !mplo ment  he outloo% for nancial managers in $eorgia#  '()**+ Financial Managers  '*,(- over the next '+ ears,  ./+ 0nnual 1ob openings  he median wage in $eorgia#  2ourl # 3..,+.  0nnuall # 3''().'+
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