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COMPUTER ENGINEERS Charles Brinkmann Overview Computer Engineers design, build, and test various computer components. QUICK FACTS Wages Earn $90,280 - $101,600 per year Employment Very large occupation 10 Year Much faster than average Growth Annual Very High Openings Preparation and Education A computer engineer typically needs to: have a high school diploma or equivalent have a bachelor's degree Programs of
  Charles Brinkmann COMPUTERENGINEERS  QUICK FACTS Wages Earn $90,280 - $0,!00 er #ear Employment er# lar%e &''( a)i&n 10 Year Growth M('h *as)er )han a+era%e Annual pen!ngs er# i%h O+er+ie C&m ()er En%ineers .esi%n, /(il., an. )es) +ari&(s '&m ()er '&m &nen)s  1 '&m ()er en%ineer )# i'all# nee.s )&  ha+e a hi%h s'h&&l .i l&ma &r e3(i+alen)  ha+e a /a'hel&r4s .e%ree Pre ara)i&n an. E.('a)i&n  Pr&%rams &* S)(.# 5ire')l# Rela)e. )& )his O''( a)i&n  1r)i6'ial In)elli%en'e an. R&/&)i's  C&m ()er En%ineerin%  C&m ()er Pr&%rammin%  C&m ()er S'ien'e  Game an. In)era')i+e Me.ia 5esi%n  In*&rma)i's  In*&rma)i&n S'ien'e Pr&%rams &* S)(.#
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