Batuan Di Bawah Mikroskop | Clastic Rock | Granite

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  Batuan di bawah Mikroskop  CarbonatiteCarbonatites are igneous rocks consisting of more that 50% carbonate minerals, such as calcite or dolomite. Subordinate minerals are biotite, px, ol  Clinopyroxenite Clinoproxenite is o!er 0% clinoproxene. #hese rocks form as segregates during differentiation of mafic magma, and the are present in some ophiolites.#he picture shows andhedral clinoproxene grains, some with exsolution lamellae of orthoproxene, and sutured grain boundaries.  $iorit n the photographs large, twinned plagioclase crstals and hornblende grains in a finer matrix pro!ide porphritic texture. $iorites contain less than &5% ferromagnesian minerals' plagioclase composition is tpicall (n&0)50. $iorites are common in )tpe batholiths associated with subduction *ones. #he are the intrusi!e e+ui!alents of andesites.
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