Bangladesh: The strength to succeed

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Bangladesh: The Strength to Succeed looks behind the headlines to discover the reality of daily life for ordinary Bangladeshis. The problems people face do not only arise from the difficult climatic conditions: some result from the legacy of colonial exploitation, others are a consequence of a society structured to benefit a small elite at the expense of the mass of the people. Problems such as landlessness and unfair terms of trade are common to many other developing countries. The people of Bangladesh are far from passive victims, and in this book will be found the real-life stories of men and women who together are successfully resisting oppression and are determined to fight against the barriers of poverty and injustice.
  Bangladesh The Strength  to  Succeed  ont nts IntroductionPhysical featuresUrban lifeColonial historyPolitical strugglesLand reform  and  povertyPoverty  to  prosperityThe influence  of  IslamThe population issueWomen's place  in  Bengali societyThe ubiquitous rickshawCommunity health careEducation  and  developmentWater:  a  blessing  or  a  curseForeign  aid: development  and  dependencyA future  for  jute?Exports, ecology,  and  economyEthnic minoritiesCommunal violenceThe garment industryChild labourConclusionOxfam  in  BangladeshFacts  and  figuresSources  and  further reading Designed by Oxfam Design Department 97/MCA/95Published and printed by Oxfam,274 Banbury  Road,  Oxford 0X2 7DZ,  UK ISBN  0  85598  328  0  first edition ISBN  0  85598  127 X © Oxfam UK and Ireland) 1989,  1995 Oxfam  is  a  registered charity no. 202918. 3  m 4 ^^^^^^^^^fl 6 ^^^^^^^^H8 ^^^^^^^^H 10  ^^^^V9 13 ^^^^^H^H 18  ^^^^H^^^H 20 ^^^HQ^^H22 ^^H^^^^H24 ^^H^^^^H  8 ^^^^H| 3 ^^^^B^^^l 33  ^K^^^^ ^M 38  ^^^^^^^H| 44 ^^^^^^^^^^ã ii 46 ^^^^^^^^Hj49 ^^^^^^^^H 52 ^^^^^^^^^fl 54 ^^^^^^^^H55 ^^^^^^^^H 57 ^^^^^^^^^| 6 ^^^^^^^^H61 ^^^^^^^^H 62 ^^^^^^^^^| 64 ^H^H^H Jim Monan This book converted to digital file in 2010
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