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  ADRIAN HOILE DIRECTOR OF RUGBY  –  CHISWICK RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB LTD CHISWICK RFC 2015/2016 BACKS MOVES  PHILOSOPHY  Our philosophy is to play good rugby which is: - Expansive - Wide game - Exciting - Controlled & Structured - Offers platforms for the forwards - Plays in behind the defence - Sensible - Players taking the right options at the right times - Involves all back line players - Has good execution - Intelligent lines of running - Based on Good Skill levels - We can absolutely play what we see and can always call traditional; moves such as Carlos, Cut moves etc  Beliefs  As a backline across the club we MUST  follow the following: 1. We believe in our own ability and those playing around us 2. We believe in the moves we have to beat the opposition 3. We believe in our structure 4. We believe that we can make the opposition constantly think about what we are doing 5. We believe in strong communication in Attack & Defence 6. We believe in Patience 7. We believe in our execution 8. We believe in TCUP - Total Control Under Pressure 9. We believe we can make mistakes as it is only one moment in a game, we will have far more positives than negatives 10. We play with smiles on our faces at all times.  Tempo  We need to have the ability and run the patterns of play that may as an example have a tempo of : Slow Ball - Slow Ball - Fast Ball - Fast Ball - Slow Ball - Slow Ball - Slow Ball We build our game on phase play with the backline being the cutting edge behind the work that forwards do, as such we do not give away possession naively or in too a gung-ho style. Be measured, use time to assess the opponent’s weakness e arly and attack that point, remember not to get caught pushing the point to much and switch the tempo and points if attack. Calls that require US as backs to up the tempo and speed up the game: TIDAL   WAVE  –  this will see quick ball generated by forwards although we may have to be involved in a phase (THINK 10’S) or keep up the pace after the 3 rd  phase/hit LIGHTNING   Ball immediately spread wide by 10, hitting 13 channel or wider stretching opposition defence and numbers  HOPSCOTCH   Tight Hit ups to keep opposition thinking and tie players in, backs could be required to provide one of the 3 hits. CHAOS RUGBY Once we have broken the gainline we want to encourage intelligent skill bnased attack with good lines of running and support. Ball Carrier must always have support on either side. WE ATTACK IN ARROW HEADS   P1 P2 P3
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