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Descripción detallada de los productos de la marca atlas, conjunta de metrotec de los equipos para hacer pruebas de laboratorio de grado automotriz
  Have you put your vehicle to the test? LEADERS IN WEATHERING TESTING FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY  To test real world performance, you need to replicate real world conditions. When predicting how a car will stand up to the elements, it isn’t enough to guess. You need to know. For over 75 years, Atlas has worked with nearly every major automotive manufacturer on the market today to develop comprehensive testing programs that deliver reliable results.Atlas offers: ã Weathering and corrosion instruments ã Outdoor weathering testing ã Methodology and standards development ã Material performance tests for plastics, coatings, textiles, rubber and glass ã Consultation and client education services Let Atlas drive your testing program. 2 HISTORY OF ATLAS AUTOMOTIVE EVENTS RELATED TO MATERIALS AND DURABILITY   1908 Mass production helps popularize the automobile 1915 Birth of Atlas as a provider of materials test equipment as an outgrowth of their stage lighting business 1930’s Outdoor testing of automotive materials begins in the benchmark subtropical climate at South Florida Test Service 1950’s U   se of plastics in automobiles increases dramatically for a variety of applications Late 1970’s Growth of Japanese automotive industry, largely fueled by improved quality and reliability 1954 Heraeus develops the first xenon-arc weathering instrument, the Xenotest 150  3 1977 Atlas patents the first xenon-arc instruments with controlled irradiance, the Atlas Ci65 Weather-Ometer 1980’s Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) develops test methods for automotive interior and exterior materials. These became the industry standards for 20+ years 2000’s Global OEM’s complete significant work on materials analyses for better weathering simulation resulting in company-specific test methods 1980’s Full-car testing is popularized by Atlas using metal halide lamps 2010’s Atlas introduces the Right Light™ filter to further increase testing consistency and accuracy 2013 Atlas instruments meet the new ASTM D7869 coatings testing standard  Automotive Maximum Temperatures* Coating System Roof/Hood/Trunk Surfaces .......90°CBumper Fascia Horizontal Surfaces ....................85°CUpper Exterior Door Panel ..................................80°CLower Door Panel ...............................................75°C * based upon outside ambient temp. of 52°C Weathering testing for exterior materials and components Atlas’ rigorous automotive test method development process is designed to replicate real world conditions. The result is an in-depth understanding of the long-term performance of materials commonly used in the automotive industry. 4
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