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  Problem 1: The homogeneous bar ABCD shown in Fig. is supported by a cable that runs from A to B around the smooth peg at E, a vertical cable at C, and a smooth inclined surface at D. Determine the mass of the heaviest bar that can be supported if the stress in each cable is limited to 100 MPa. The area of the cable AB is 250 mm2 and that of the cable at C is 300 mm2.   Based on cable AB: Based on cable at C: Sfave value of W answer  Problem 2: Find the stresses in members BC, BD, and CF for the truss shown in Fig. Indicate the tension or compression. The cross sectional area of each member is 1600 mm2. For member BD: (See FBD 01) Tension   answer For member CF: (See FBD 01) Compression answer For member BC: (See FBD 02) Compression answer
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