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   REMEDIAL LAW REVIEW II PROF. CHRISTIAN “KIT”VILLASIS  Assignment No. 1 1.Define Special Proceeding. 2.Distinguish Special Proceeding from a civil action.3.Enumerate the Titles of Rules 72-109 of the Rules of Court.4.May the Rules on ordinary actions apply to Special Proceedings?5.Explain the following:1. Estate17. Legatee2. Testamentary Privilege18. Devisee 3. Decedent19. Statute of Non-claims 4. Testator20. Project of Partition 5. Testamentary succession21. Trustee6. Settlement of estate22. Escheat7. Will23. Guardianship8. Probate24. Adoption9. Reprobate25. Proceeding in Hospitalization of10. Executor an insane person11. Letters testamentary26. Habeas Corpus12. Administrator27. Declaration of absence13. Letters of Administration28. Change of Name14. Letters of Administration with a 29. Petition for Correction of Entries Will annexed30. Writ of Amparo15. Special Administrator31. Writ of continuing mandamus16. Ancillary Administration32. Writ of Kalikasan6.SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE OF DECEASED PERSONSa)What is the purpose of settlement proceedings? b)Which Court has jurisdiction over a settlements of estate?c)Discuss the rules on venue in the settlement of estate?d)Explain the principle of exclusion or preferential jurisdiction in thesettlement of estate.e)What is the extent of the jurisdiction of the Probate Court?f)What are the powers and duties of Probate Court?g)May the Probate Court decide an issue of ownership? CASES  1.Ching vs. Rodriguez, November 28, 20112. Montañer vs. Shariah District Court, January 20, 20093. Sheker vs. Estate of Alice Sheker, December 13, 20074.Fernandez vs. Maravilla, 10 SCRA 589 (1964)5.Matute vs. Court of Appeals, 26 SCRA 768 (1969)6.Ventura vs. Ventura, September 24, 19697.Vda. De Manalo vs. Court of Appeals, January 16, 20018.Reyes v. RTC of Makati, August 11, 20089.Puno v. Puno Enterprises, Inc. September 11, 200910.Balus v. Balus, January 15, 201011.Lim v. Court of Appeals, January 24, 200012.Cuenco v. Court of Appeals, October 26, 197313.San Luis v. San Luis, February 6, 200714.Fule v. Court of Appeals, SCRA 18915.Trinidad v. Court of Appeals, September 30,199116.Union Bank v. Santibanez, February 23, 2005  17.Hilado v. Court of Appeals May 8, 200918.Heirs of Magdaleno Ypon v. Ricaforte, July 8, 201319.Quizon v. Belen, July 31, 201320.Sabidong v. Solas, June 25, 201321.Coca v. Pangilinan, 81 SCRA 278 (1987)22.Bunyi v. Factor, June 30, 200923.Solivio v. Court of Appeals, February 12, 1990
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