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Art Lesson Plan Title: Maasai Necklace Unit: African Culture Grade level (s): 3rd-5th Medium: Art Making Suggested Time: Class Period Instructional Objectives (2-3): 1. Connections to the culture through the arts. 2. To understand the importance of the Maasai Necklace to the Maasai people. 3. To gain knowledge of a culture that
  Art Lesson Plan Title:Maasai NecklaceUnit: African CultureGrade level (s): 3 rd -5 t  Mediu!: Art Makin #u ested Ti!e: Class Period$nstructional %&'ectives (-3):* Connections to te culture trou  te arts** To understand te i!+ortance of te Maasai Necklace to te Maasai +eo+le*3* To ain kno,led e of a culture tat isnt ,idel. s+oken a&out*/le!ents of Art (-3) line0 color0 sa+e0 for!0 s+ace0 te1ture0 value * Line* Color3* Te1turePrinci+les of 2esi n (-3) re+etition0 +attern0 !ove!ent0 &alance0 e!+asis0 contrast0 unit. * Pattern* alance3* /!+asisMaterials and /4ui+!ent:Co!+uterPa+er PlatesCra.onsMarkersPaint#cissors#ta+lerPa+erole Punc6arnGeneral 7oca&ular. (8-5):Maasai- a !e!&er of a +astoral +eo+le livin in Tan9ania and en.a*alance- refers to te ,a.s in ,ic te ele!ents of a +iece are arran ed*Te1ture- is te +erceived surface 4ualit. of a ,ork of art*/!+asis- is defined as an area or o&'ect ,itin te art,ork tat dra,s attention and &eco!es a focal +oint*Art Production (&ased on Madeline unter !odel) *antici+ator. set* state o&'ectives 3* $n+ut: art istor.0 instructions8*de!onstration0 !odelin 5* ceck for understandin ;* uided +ractice <* inde+endent +ractice=* closure * #o, students a video a&out te Maasai +eo+le and a video a&out te Maasai necklace** #tart a discussion ,it te students a&out ,at te. learned a&out te Maasai +eo+le fro! te videos*  3* #tate te o&'ectives for toda.s lesson on te Maasai necklace (Connections to te culturetrou  te arts0 to understand te i!+ortance of te Maasai Necklace to te Maasai +eo+le0 to ain kno,led e of a culture tat isnt ,idel. s+oken a&out*)*8* Give so!e &ack round infor!ation on te Maasai +eo+le > necklace tat te video didnt s+eak of*5* ave a sort discussion ,it te students to see ,at te. ave learned (ceck for understandin )*;* #tate tat toda. in class ,e are oin to &uild our o,n Maasai necklaces*<* #tart &. so,in te! o, to &uild one &. oin trou  eac ste+*#te+ - Gra& a +a+er +late and cut a strai t line to te circular +art in te !iddle of te +late*#te+ - cut te !iddle +art out of te +late*#te+ 3- use tat !iddle +art to cut out a sa+e .ou ,ant tat ,e ,ill use for our necklace*#te+ 8- Color .our Maasai necklace +art ,it different colors and +atterns*#te+ 5- Take te sa+e .ou !ade out of te circle in te !iddle of te +late and +unc 8 oles ,it te ole +uncer*#te+ ;- #ta+le te sa+e onto te necklace at te neckline*#te+ <- Take te scissors and cut 8 +ieces of .arn (si9e and color doesnt !atter)*#te+ =- Tie te +ieces of .arn in te oles tat .ou +unced out in te sa+e tat .ou sta+led onto te necklace*#te+ ?- /n'o. .our Maasai necklace*=* Go over ste+s to eter a ain one !ore ti!e &efore ivin te! a cance to ,ork on teiro,n*?* As students are ,orkin on teir necklace0 ,alk around and see if an. student needs el+or de!onstration*@* en students are finised in creatin teir necklaces0 o over te content infor!ation of te necklaces one !ore ti!e to !ake sure .our students ave a ood understandin ** To close te activit. ave te students clean u+ teir stations and ave te students et in a line to take a class +icture of te! ,earin teir Maasai necklaces to eter** Let students take o!e teir Maasai Necklaces* Assessment (should relate to objectives):  Modifications / Special Notes / Drawings
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