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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Anthony Returns ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !1 Contents ! Anthony returns to his love a
     Anthony Returns   1  Contents    Anthony returns to his love and the city that he loves   3    Anthony’s Days in the West End I    4    Anthony’s Days in the West End II    6     Anthony the Subject    11   “Dip your hand in me. The smell will never be rubbed off.” Anthony and Rose move in together. 23    Anthony’s Poems   26    This is Paradise. There is nowhere else. This is Paradise.   27    2   Anthony returns to his love and the city that he loves   1   Leaning over a city, Anthony says to Rose “I will eat you out in the street. Your screams will carry the traffic home. Marriages will burst and rain flower petals and pubic hair.”   2   The sky is purple. Anthony sits on a blue couch and prays to his friend Theo. He says, “Theo, there’s no way to reach you now. Your phone’s cancelled because you couldn’t pay the bill and you called Rose by accident on your last quarter, trying for Samara.   “Theo, you’re pushing people away. You’re raging inside. I know I could touch a cool hand to your soul. You only need to love. That will burn away your anxiety, your hatred.   “Theo, you’re going to prison, I want to meet you at the court and find a way to set you free. I’ve been planning revolutions for a year just so that you won’t go to jail. I love you.   “Theo, the west end belongs to us but if you feel alone here go where you don’t. I will always be your friend. I will come out to dumb areas of the city just to see you.   “Theo, you’re so hard to reach, I don’t know why your world’s falling apart, I don’t know where things have gone but I just can’t text you right now and nothing’s worse. I will not lose you. I will not let you go.   “Theo, I will force my way into your soul and murder the hate. I will get you free. If they have to put me in prison instead of you, fine. I will do what it takes to get you free.   “Theo, I miss you.Where are you? Why are you always so angry? Do you feel alone? Is that all? You are not alone. I am made of pillars, Rose’s warmth, hot skin and poems. I am made of stages and the west end. I will keep you warm. I will keep you strong. You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone.”   3   He thinks, “Maybe love takes patience. Maybe flowers open close.” Anthony and Rose press each other at their corners. “This is one gentle finger.” He says to her. She thinks of a house full of corners. The people are busy. Her mouth is on his cock. He has his tongue in her cunt. The bed is never made. They are too busy screaming this: “Close your flower around me.” This: “Hold me longer than you can.” Anthony pulls his fingers out of Rose after she comes. They are red from her period. They kiss. It is said: “This is burning at your corners. This is burning at your corners. This is burning at your corners.”   4   Driving back from Rose’s in the rain, Anthony hears on the radio, “I don’t know what democracy is. I don’t know what kind of democracy Canada has.” Getting gas for his mother, a hole in the floor of their car, rain coming down and cars going by, he thinks: “After the revolution, it will be known that all along it was just another military dictatorship. Cops are cops. Being poor is being poor and when no one’s happy in a country, something’s wrong.”   3    5   Anthony sees a woman under the flags, on a curb, under the low hill and streetlight. He wonders if she is crying or sending a text. He wonders how many days it will be before she is dancing in the street. Will she die before she does? Will she be buried in a cloak of refuse and scrap metal? “Flowers don’t grow here.” He thinks, “We don’t sit under trees. Just living a life here could be mistaken for lament.”   4
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