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Amber Jensen Online Portfolio: 403-795-7850 EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND 2005 – 2007 UNIVERSITY OF LETHBRIDGE Bachelor of Arts ã Psychology Major ã Completed two Applied Studies and two Independent Studies on youth with concurrent disabilities ã Published work in the Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal EMPLOYMENT AND VOLUNTEER HISTORY Sept. 2016- Present LETHBRIDGE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO.51 Ca
  Amber Jensen Online Portfolio: 403-795-750 EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND !005 !007 #$%&'()%*+ O, '*/(%1' Bachelor of Arts 2Psycholoy ajor2om6lete two  Applied Studies  an two Independent Studies  on yo8th withconc8rrent isabilities2P8blishe wor in the ethbrie #nerra8ate (esearch o8rnal htt6s:;;l8rj.or;iss8es;<ol8me-4-n8mber-=;synesthesia EMPLOYMENT AND VOLUNTEER HISTORY  )e6t. !0=>- Present '*/(%1' )OO %)*(%* $O.5= Career Practitioner (Lethbridge Collegiate Institute and Lethbridge  Alternative Schools) ã om6lete assessments to etermine assets an sills ã %m6lement classroom 6rorammin for career an 6ost-seconary 6lannin ã reate res8mes for st8ents with a rane of bacro8nsA8. !00- 8n. !0=0 Oct. !0=5- )e6t. !0=> '*/(%1' )OO %)*(%* $O.5=  Advanced Educational Support (Various Elementary and Middle Schools) ã Pro<ie beha<io8ral s866ort for those with se<ere concerns ?oe 4! in an e8cational settin ã or with teachersB 6sycholoistsB beha<io8ral cons8ltantsB an 6arents to e<elo6 %PPCs ã e<elo6 an im6lement moiDe 6roramminB assessment tools an learnin strateies 8ne !0=0- October !0=5 A/'(*A #A$ )'(&%') Career and Employment Consultant  ã Assiste Albertans in meetin their em6loymentB DnancialB 6ersonal an meical nees ã A66ro<e Learner Income Support   for an case manae at-ris hih school st8ents 6rimarily at &ictoria Par ih )chool ã om6lete the = month eaershi6 Proram an 6erforme actin s86er<isory 8ties ã anae the Housing irst   6ortfolio- a com6leE caseloa where % collaboratewith 6rofessionals to obtain an maintain reso8rces for <8lnerable Albertans  arch !0=>- Present )%F OO FO*OF% ,(%'$)%P )O%'*+ Board of Directors ã )866ort the societyCs <ision which is ! or#ing to$ards an improved %uality o& li&e (respect' dignity and e%ual opportunity) &or Absrcinal people in the urbancommunity  ã Plan an atten c8lt8ral e<ents in the comm8nity ã Assess an <ote on 6olicy chanesB b8ets an contracts,ebr8ary !0=4- Present P'AF )#PPO(* )'(&%') Support Worker  ã Pro<ie c8lt8rally a66ro6riate s866ort to ini<i8als with e<elo6mental isabilities an aictions resientially an in the comm8nity with a foc8s on harm re8ction ã reate an maintain case 6lans an mae a66ro6riate referrals to comm8nityaencies an8ary !009- Present )O#*'($ A/'(*A % A$ ,A%+ )'(&%') Foster Parent (Level  Home) ã Pro<ie care an s86er<ision for yo8th in care reG8irin s6ecialiHe care aes =!-= ã Atten case conferences to collaborate with 6rofessionals to e<elo6 oals an 6lansay !00- 8ly !00 %)*%F A)F%F #*#(A 'A%$1 '$*(' Youth Worker   (Summer *osition) ã )86er<ise yo8th 6lace in care of ,irst $ations ro86 home 8e to <olatile family circ8mstances ã Pro<ie co8nselin to yo8th rearin iss8es of s8bstance ab8seB <iolenceB seE8al iss8esB etc. an8ary !00- 8ne !00 )*. ,(A$%) #$%O( %1 )OO Special Education Teacher Assistant  )866orte yo8th with isabilities ?6reominantly ,A) an A8tism in a school settin,acilitate an enco8rae 6ositi<e st8ent beha<io8rs an learnin strateies)e6tember !007- 8ly !00 '*/(%1' O#$%*+ O(('*%O$) ntern Pro!ation #cer  ã anle cases of yo8th an a8lts who ha<e been orere 8ner comm8nity s86er<ision  ã Pre6are 6re-sentence re6ortsB con8cte inter<iews an referrals to comm8nity aencies)e6tember !005 $o<ember !0=0 '*/(%1' +O#* #)*%' O%**'' Youth $entor% Co&Chairperson ã #ner irection of Alberta )olicitor 1eneralB manae cases 8sin a restorati<e j8stice a66roach ã (ecr8iteB traine an manae <ol8nteers)e6tember !005- an8ary !0== 1('+)*OF' O') A$ )#PPO(* )'(&%') Support Worker  ã ore with families thro8h ,amily )866orts for hilren with isabilities ?,) who ha<e 6hysical an;or mental im6airments who reG8ire s866ort an s86er<ision ã Pro<ie s866ort an 8iance in accorance with the wishes of the families an other staeholers in the form of res6ite care an aily li<in assistance. OTHER TRAINING ã Alberta 8man )er<ices: isaster )ocial )er<ices ã Alberta 8man )er<ices: #nerstanin ,amily &iolence ã anaian (e ross: &iolence;Ab8se Pre<ention ã ritical *hinin ã r8cial on<ersations: ertiDcate ã 'merency ,irst Ai an P( ã ,A)-orin with A8lts ã ,O%P;onDentiality;Pri<acy Act ã %ntro8ction to o8nsellin ã $on-&iolent risis %nter<ention ã )8icie %nter<ention: ertiDcate ã )866ortin %ni<i8als ith &al8e Attachments ?)%&A REFERENCES Faren /o8rassa +eacher' Mi#e Mountain Horse Elementary School 403-3>0-!=4 *rish )yme  Vice *rincipal' Lethbridge Collegiate Institute 403-7=5->70allory Fristjanson ormer Supervisor' *ea# Vocational and Support Services 403-795-577'ria P8blow Case$or#er' Southern Alberta Child and amily Services 403-795-4955
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