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[back] Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950 Eisenhower Allied War Crimes 1941-1950 by Rixon Stewart They say that the spoils of war go to the victors and that includes the opportunity to rewrite history from the victor’s point of view. This is particularly true of World War 2 where for the last fifty years one overall theme has dominated; namely that the allies were the good guys in contrast to the Germans who were Nazi war criminals. But was this really the case? Was the distinction so clea
  [back] Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950 Eisenhower  Allied War Crimes 1941-1950  by i!on Stewart hey say that the s#oi$s of war %o to the victors an& that inc$'&es the o##ort'nity to rewrite history from the victor(s #oint of view) his is #artic'$ar$y tr'e of *or$& *ar +where for the $ast fifty years one overa$$ theme has &ominate& name$y that the a$$ies were the %oo& %'ys in contrast to the Germans who were a.i war crimina$s) /'t wasthis rea$$y the case *as the &istinction so c$ear-c't or have we a$$owe& $$ie&  #ro#a%an&ists to resha#e o'r view of history 2nti$ recent$y anyone who 3'estione& this stan&ar& inter#retation was imme&iate$y $abe$e& a revisionist or worse sti$$ a a.i6 as ha##ene& to /ritish historian 7avi& 8rvin% recent$y) et with the #assa%e of time a new #ers#ective is be%innin% to emer%e, one that is not so c$ear-c't in its &istinction between %oo& an& ba&)*hen Germany s'rren&ere& in May 1945, the merican Mi$itary Governor, Genera$ Eisenhower, sent o't an 'r%ent co'rier with instr'ctions makin% it a crime  #'nishab$e by &eath to fee& German #risoners) 8t was even a ca#ita$ offence to %ather foo& to%ether in one #$ace to take to #risoners) he messa%e rea&s in #art6:2n&er no circ'mstances may foo& s'##$ies be assemb$e& amon% the $oca$ inhabitants in or&er to &e$iver them to #risoners of war) hose who vio$ate this comman& an& neverthe$ess try to circ'mvent this b$ocka&e to a$$ow somethin% to come to the #risoners #$ace themse$ves in &an%er of bein% shot:;1< his was no i&$e threat) =n >'$y ?1st 1945 %nes S#ira was shot by @rench %'ar&s at 7ietersheim for takin% foo& to #risoners) 8n effect this was a &e$iberate #o$icy to starve the German #risoners of war) Many #risoners an& German civi$ians saw merican %'ar&s b'rn foo& that ha& been bro'%ht to the #risoners) ccor&in% to one former #risoner who &escribe& it recent$y6 t first, the women from the nearby town  bro'%ht foo& into the cam#) he merican so$&iers took everythin% away from the women, threw it in a hea# an& #o're& %aso$ine over it an& b'rne& it) ;+<8n the chaos an& conf'sion that fo$$owe& Germany(s &efeat at the en& of the Secon& *or$& *ar $itera$$y mi$$ions of Germans &ie&) 8n an 'n#rece&ente& h'manitarian &isaster an estimate& si!teen mi$$ion ethnic Germans f$e& their ancestra$ home$an&s inAo$an&, B'n%ary, C.echos$ovakia an& other #arts of Eastern E'ro#e to Germany) hese were most$y women, chi$&ren an& e$&er$y men who took to the o#en roa&  before the a&vancin% e& rmy) =f these Cana&ian historian >ames /ac3'e estimates that between two an& si! mi$$ion &ie& in the #rocess ;?<) Mi$$ions more &ie& in Germany itse$f thro'%h a combination of &isease, e!#os're an& starvation, #ro&'ce& an& com#o'n&e& by &e$iberate $$ie& #o$icies)ccor&in% to /ac3'e between 1941 an& 1950 aro'n& one an& a ha$f to two mi$$ion German #risoners of war &ie&, whi$st a f'rther five mi$$ion seven h'n&re& tho'san& German civi$ians &ie& between 194D an& 1950, $ar%e$y, /ac3'e maintains, as a res'$t of $$ie& #o$icy) 8n a$$ /ac3'es estimates that between nine an& ha$f an& fo'rteen  mi$$ion ethnic Germans, German #risoners of war an& civi$ians were to &ie in these ini3'ities) Aart of the b$ame for this can be $ai& at the feet of >osef Sta$in who, thro'%hhis #ro#a%an&a minister, 8$ya Ehrenb'r%, act'a$$y enco'ra%e& the ra#e an& &e%ra&ation of the German civi$ian #o#'$ation)i$$, ki$$, yo' brave e& rmy so$&iers, ki$$) here is nothin% in the Germans that is innocent) =bey the instr'ctions of comra&e Sta$in an& stam# the fascistic beast in its cave) /reak with force the racia$ arro%ance of the German women) ake them as yo'r $e%a$ $oot) i$$, yo' brave e& rmy so$&iers, ki$$F 8$ya Ehrenb'r% 1945)8ronica$$y, Ehrenb'r%, $ike Sta$in himse$f, was >ewish)Bowever it was not on$y the Germans who s'ffere& at the han&s of Sta$in(s victorio's army, 'ssians &i& too in #artic'$ar the $ar%e 'ssian mi%r #o#'$ation in E'ro#e was to e!#erience the &e#re&ations of the a&vancin% e& rmy) n& in this re%ar& the'ssian rmy was to receive he$# from an 'n$ike$y 3'arter) 8n an e#iso&e of infamy that has $ar%e$y been i%nore& by the *estern #owers an& their $a#&o% me&ia Sta$in was he$#e& in an o#eration that has become known as one of history(s &arkest e#iso&es of betraya$6 =#eration ee$ha'$)HStartin% in #ri$ 1945, the 2nite& States rmy an& the @rench rmy cas'a$$y annihi$ate& one mi$$ion [German] men, most of them in merican cam#s ) ) ) EisenhowerIs hatre&, #asse& thro'%h the $ens of a com#$iant mi$itary b'rea'cracy,  #ro&'ce& the horror of &eath cam#s 'ne3'a$$e& by anythin% in merican history ) ) ) an enormo's war crime)H-- Co$) Ernest @) @isher, Ah7 Jt)101 st irborne 7ivision, Senior Bistorian, 2nite& States rmy Sources: 1< Crimes an& Mercies by >ames /ac3'e) +< 8bi&) ?< 8bi&)
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