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ADMINISTRATIVE TASK Student name: Faiza Ali Date: Jan 31st , 2017 Placement: Purpose: Today I will be responsible for administration tasks for HHH. I have Reason for completing the task. to work with excel spreadsheets and analyze data from last year and This could be based on an compare it to this year. A lot of the information that needs to be
  ADMINISTRATIVE TASK Student name: Faiza Ali Date: Jan 31 st  , 2017 Placement:Purpose: Reason for completing the task. This coul !e !ase on an o!ser ation #ou mae, a con ersation !et$een #ou an #our site super isor, etc.Toa# % $ill !e responsi!le for aministration tasks for &&&. % ha eto $ork $ith e'cel spreasheets an anal#ze ata from last #ear an compare it to this #ear. A lot of the information that nees to !e figure out consists of the success of the programs at &&&. From there, % $ill nee to make sure that % highlight the trens an ispla#them for m# super isor to re ie$. Task: (hat are #ou planning in response to #our purpose)*+a!el #our task e.g -ulletin !oarfocuse on the importance of pla#* !ase learning.*(hat are #our 3 o!/ecti es for thise'perience) i.e (h# are #ou creating a !ulletin !oar on the importance of pla#*!ase learning) (hat message are #ou sening)escri!e the e'perience*+ist the materials an resources #ou $ill use*escri!e the completion of the task, $ith a step !# step escription% hope to unerstan &&& !etter an learn more a!out all the factors that nee to !e consiere $hen running a communit# organization like &&&. -# !eing in ol e in the !ehin the scenes aspect of this social $ork fiel, % !elie e that % $ill gain an insight on ho$ the# staff figure out $hether the programs at &&& are !eneficial to the communit# or not.# o!/ecti es for this task inclue learning ho$ to use e'cel, learning proper formats an ispla#s $hen su!mitting the report anlearning a!out the areas that &&& impro e on4 nees more impro ement on. # tasks toa# ã Figure out num!ers of this #ear5s finings s. last #ear5s finings ã Fin the missing num!ers4 figure out $h# the formula $as not $orking ã +ook at another complete e'cel task an tr# to create m#  pro/ect similar to that one create !# a olunteer $ho is goo at using e'cel ã 6earch up ho$ to use e'cel as % am unfamiliar $ith the programan so is m# super isor  o 'cel for ummies, 8ouTu!e ieos a!out e'cel, learn formulas ã Ask another staff mem!er in the office if he kne$ $h# the num!ers $ere not aing up ã +earn ho$ to use an aitional program to correct the num!ers on the ocument ã 9ompare the entere ata referral ate, time from referral ate to first contact, time from first contact to first isit an the uration of the ser ice ã 'port the ata onto another e'cel sheet ã 9reate graphs that isuall# ispla# the ata for !oth #ears ã 9reate a summar# an han in the final pro/ect Reflection: *(hat $ent $ell) :ro ie ã Although it took me a er# long time, % $as a!le to complete  e'amples for ho$ #ou kno$ it $ent$ell.*(hat in5t go $ell) :ro ie e'amples for ho$ #ou kno$ it in5t go $ell.*(hat i #ou learn)*(hat might #ou o ifferentl# ne't time #ou implement this same task an $h#)*i #ou ha e to make an# aaptations or moifications) %f so, $hat $ere the#)*(hat t#pe of e'perience might #ou plan to e'ten on this one)the task an pick up a fe$ !asic skills $hen using e'cel, that % $as not eucate on !efore o % no$ kno$ the !asics of entering formulas o &o$ to appl# more than one t#pe of formula on the spreasheet o 'port specific ata into multiple sheets ã This task $as er# stressful for me !ecause % ha no pre ious kno$lege of e'cel an % $as not gi en instructions on ho$ to o the task. espite e'plaining to m# super isor that % i not kno$ $hat % $as oing, she e'plaine to me that she i not either an that % shoul !e a!le to figure it out using the internet.Through the help of other staff mem!ers, % $as a!le to completethis task !etter than % thought % $oul ã % learne that the information that % $as gathering $as a ke#  part of figuring out the success of the programs at &&&. (hen comparing to the ata from the pre ious #ear, it $as eas# to see ho$4$here the program neee impro ement through m# isualrepresentation of the ata ã %f % $ere to o another task for m# super isor, % $oul e'plain to her that e'cel is not a strong skill set for me an if she i nee me to $ork $ith her, that she allo$e me to ha e a clear unerstaning of the instructions ã % $oul also like to $ork $ith other counsellors at &&& an seeho$ their tasks iffer from m# super isors e'cel relate tasks
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