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Kimberly DeHoff 3112 Whiteway RD, Baltimore MD, 21219 | 443-627-1269 | Objective Seeking a career as an IT which will help to utilize my computer, coding and programing experience. Education HIGH SCHOOL DEPLOMA | JUNE 09, 2016 | SPARROWS POINT HIGH SCHOOL · Honor Roll (Junior Year-Senior Year) · Studied Early Childhood Development ASSOCIATES OF APPLIED SCIENCE | EXPECTED: FALL 2018 | CCBC · Major: Information Technology Skills & Abilities · Knowledge of Computer s
  Kimberly DeHoff  3112 Whiteway RD, Baltimore MD, 21219 | 443-627-1269 | Kimberlya1!!4 #mail$%om Objective &ee'i# a %areer a( a )* whi%h will hel+ to tilie my %om+ter, %o.i# a. +ro#rami# e/+erie%e$ Education HIGH SCHOOL DEPLOMA | JUNE 09 !0 # | SPA$$O%S POIN& HIGH SCHOOL · Hoor Roll 0ior ear-&eior ear · &t.ie. arly 5hil.hoo. Deelo+met ASSOCIA&ES O' APPLIED SCIENCE | E(PEC&ED) 'ALL !0 * | CC+C · Maor8 )formatio *e%holo#y S,i--. / Abi-itie. · Kowle.#e of 5om+ter ('ill( 0%o.i#, +ro#rami#, e%t$ · Kowle.#e of arly 5hil.hoo. Deelo+met · Ba(i% Kowle.#e of *ea%hi# i a &%hool · Ba(i% Kowle.#e of imal Behaior  · *:R 0*ra+ ; :eter ; Relea(e *raii# E1e2ience SALES ASSOCIA&E | 34ELE5EN | 6!96!0 3 4 P$ESEN& · Wor'i# %a(h re#i(ter  · &to%'i# (hele( · 5oo'i# foo. · 5(tomer (eri%e $e7e2ence. JENNI'E$ 8LIMA | 'AMIL '$IEND | +I$&H : P$ESEN& ã  :mber8 JENA5IE5E 8ESSEL | 'AMIL '$IEND | AGE 0 : P$ESEN& ã  :mber8 LO$E&&A HA$& | '$IEND | # &H  G$ADE : P$ESEN& ã  :mber8443-<!!-7419
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