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Abstract_Aisha Dimyati Fadilah
  RESPONSES NERVE DETECTION SYSTEM FOR DIABETICS BASED ON CPT (CURRENT PERCEPTION THRESHOLD  ) METHOD ABSTRACT Diabetic Neuropathy is one of many types of nerve dysfunction a diabetics. Patient suffering this disease is indicated by the degradation of neuropathic response. In a chronic condition, the patient is unable to sense an external stimulus such as heat, pressure or electrical current. In the case of an electrical stimulus, it is a known threshold current which can be sensed by the patient. The lowest current is known as current perception threshold (CPT). The threshold value of the current related to the degree of sensitivity. CPT has been proposed as a quantitative method for assessment of peripheral sensory nerve function. This work focuses on the development of current source system to  be used as a stimulus to observed the nerve responses of the patient. The system generated an AC voltage source which can be adjusted to deliver a current to the patient based on Ohm law. The system works using a DC to AC inverter circuit. The low AC voltage is amplified using a high-frequency ferrite transformer. The maximal voltage that can be produced of the system is 1000V at inverter frequency of 17,30kHz.. The output current is adjusted via a potentiometer. The maximum output current of the system is less than 10mA. This limit is below the safety limits of external current in the human body. Keyword: Diabetic Neuropathy, CPT, Inverter 
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