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  ABSTRACT  Nanotechnology is the nexus of sciences. Nanotechnology is theengineering of tiny machines - the projected ability to build thingsfrom the bottom up using techniques and tools being developedtoday to make complete, highly advanced products. It includesanything smaller than 1 nanometers !ith novel properties. sthe pool of available resources is being exhausted, the demandfor resources that are everlasting and eco-friendly is increasingday by day. #ne such form is the solar energy. $he advent of solarenergy just about   solved all the problems. s such solar energy isvery useful. %ut the conventional solar cells that are used toharness solar energy are less e&cient and cannot functionproperly on a cloudy day. $he use of nanotechnology in the solarcells created an opportunity to overcome this problem, therebyincreasing the e&ciency. $his paper deals !ith an o'shoot in theadvancement of nanotechnology, its implementation in solar cellsand its advantage over the conventional commercial solar cell.  
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