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Volume -1 Issue 2, Feb -2017
   ISSN (Online): INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH REVIEW INENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT (IJRREM)  A NEW SMART GRID DEVICE FOR EFFICIENT ACTIVE AND REACTIVE POWER CONTROL IN HYBRID POWER SYSTEM L.SHANGAVI* PG Scholar, Department of EEE,Adhiyamaan College of Engineering,Hosur - 63! #, $amilnadu, %ndia&shanga'iloganathan(gmail&com Dr.T.VIVEKANANDASIBAL** Associate Professor  ,  Department of EEE,Adhiyamaan College of Engineering,Hosur - 63! #, $amilnadu, %ndia&t'i'e)si*al(yahoo&com Abstract $his paper proposes a 'oltage and reacti'e coordinati'e control strategy +ith Distri*utedGenerator DG in a distri*ution po+er system& $he proposed method reduces the real losses and'oltage fluctuations and impro'e recei'ing po+er factor& $he proposed method minimi.es thereal po+er losses and impro'es the 'oltage profile using s/uared de'iations of *us 'oltages&Coordinated 'oltage and reacti'e po+er control methods that ad0ust optimal control 'alues of capacitor *an)s, 12$C, and the A4 of DGs *y using a oltage Sensiti'ity 5actor S5 andDynamic Programming DP +ith ranch-and-ound 7 method& Effecti'eness of the proposed method *y using operational cost of real po+er losses and oltage De'iation 5actor ase'aluation inde8 for a +hole day in a po+er system +ith Distri*uted Generators& K! #r$s% Coordinated reacti'e po+er control, oltage sensiti'ity factor, oltage regulation,2oss minimi.ation, 12$C transformer, Distri*uted generator& I. INTROD&CTION 9odern po+er systems are often affected *y an inade/uate reacti'e po+er supply and areduction of 'oltage sta*ility margin& $hose could *e negati'e effects on 'oltage profiles, acti'eand reacti'e po+er losses& $he operator can impro'e this situation *y reallocating reacti'e po+er  International Journal of Research Review in Engineering and Management (IJRREM) Volume 1,Issue -2, e!-2 1# $age %o& 1'-22 $age 1'   ISSN (Online): INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH REVIEW INENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT (IJRREM) generations in the system, *y ad0usting transformer taps, *y changing generator 'oltages, and *ys+itching A4 sources& $he system losses can also possi*ly *e minimi.ed& II.OPTIMAL DISPATCH SCHED&LE OF DISTRIB&TED GENERATOR  At each location +here DG may *e connected& $his formulations su*tly different totraditional 1P5 as here the functions ha'e negati'e coefficients to indicate that de'elopment of DG results in a negati'e cost or, in other +ords, a *enefit& As such, DG +ith larger coefficients+ill *e fa'ored, +hich allo+s locational preferences to *e e8pressed, although it is generallyassumed that these are the same for all ne+ DG in order to a'oid *iasing the analysis& A. V#'ta( C#)tr#' Pr#rt+s $he rated po+er factor of each DG is assumed to *e &# lagging& $he distri*uted andcentrali.ed 'oltage control strategies allo+ rela8ation from this 'alue +ithin the range of &#lagging and &# leading& :ith distri*uted 'oltage control, the po+er factor is allo+ed to 'aryonce the generator 'oltage reaches& B. C#)tr#' strat(! A 'oltage and reacti'e po+er control strategy in'ol'es coordination among all shuntcapacitors, the 12$C, and the DG in the distri*ution system to minimi.e acti'e po+er losses andto impro'e the 'oltage profile according to the load demand and DG output po+er *ased on atime series& Con'entionally, 'oltages at the primary *us of a su*station change slightly o'er aday and are therefore assumed to ha'e a constant 'alue& International Journal of Research Review in Engineering and Management (IJRREM) Volume 1,Issue -2, e!-2 1# $age %o& 1'-22 $age 1#   ISSN (Online): INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH REVIEW INENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT (IJRREM) 5ig&!& Proposed *loc) diagram III.LOAD AND GENERATION PROFILE BASED ON TIME SERIES %n a day, assuming the net+or) is scanned e'ery hour, for t+enty-four hours operation, thenet+or) is scanned for ;< times& :e assume the follo+ing as sho+n in 5igure&<&; &5irst, loadle'el 'aries from < = to ! = for hea'y load condition +hich is >6&339:& Second DG output po+er 'aries from <= to > = for the rated capacity +hich is  9:& IV. POWER FACTOR CONTROL MODE PFC- %n po+er factor control mode, the P?@ ratio of a generator is )ept constant, +ith thereacti'e po+er follo+ing the 'ariation of real po+er& $raditionally, in order to ensure thea'aila*ility of DG units full real po+er output, the po+er factor of DG remains near uniform&$he generator *us +ill ser'e as a P@ *us& oltage Control 9ode C& %n 'oltage control mode,Automatic oltage 4egulator A4 of generator ensures 'oltage constant *y changinge8citation& International Journal of Research Review in Engineering and Management (IJRREM) Volume 1,Issue -2, e!-2 1# $age %o& 1'-22 $age 1   ISSN (Online): INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH REVIEW INENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT (IJRREM) :hen the output of DGs increases, A4 needs to regulate the field current of generator to)eep 'oltage constant& Bnder this situation, the reacti'e po+er output +ill *e decreased or *ea*sor*ed& $his control strategy is relati'ely comple8 to deal +ith& $he generator *us +ill ser'eas a P *us& Ho+e'er, the reacti'e po+er after modified *y e/uations may e8ceed limits& %n thiscase, the P *us should *e con'erted to a P@ *us& V.CONTROLLABLE ELEMENTS IN VOLTAGE CONTROL SYSTEM Controlla*le elements participating in ADS 'oltage control 12$C, secondary capacitor insu*station C, line capacitor C! and DG units& $he operation of the tap changer is limited to itstapping limits and capacity& $he action times of 12$C and C are limited& $here are se'eralmodes of 'oltage control +ith DG in'ol'ed Po+er 5actor Control P5C, oltage Control C,Po+er 5actor-oltage Control P5C-C and Generation Curtailment& P5C depends on a certainlimit of generation connected to the system& C is disrupti'e to the net+or) de'ices such as12$Cs& P5C-C method com*ines the *eha'ior of the generators operation in t+o modesnamely, P5C and C& International Journal of Research Review in Engineering and Management (IJRREM) Volume 1,Issue -2, e!-2 1# $age %o& 1'-22 $age 1
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