A Little Gender Handbook for Emergencies or Just Plain Common Sense

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Oxfam believes that equality is most effectively approached by changing the unequal relations of men and women to one another. Emergency response is always conducted with the long-term goal of gender equality in mind. Recognising and responding to gender differences is an important step in improving the quality of emergency aid and 'The The Little Gender Handbook for Emergencies' includes a number of helpful checklists for conducting a gender-aware response.
  A Little Gender Handbook for Emergencies or   Just Plain Common Sense  2  1 Table of Contents   Why We Care About Gender 3 Cautionary Notes 4 Using a Gender Approach Means… 5 Situation Assessment 8 Participatory Methods 12 Planning 16 Watsan in Particular 21 Implementation 23 Monitoring 24 Evaluation 26 Assessing Project Proposals 28 Food for Further Thought 33 Conclusion 35 References 36  2
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