9 nptel casting

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Molding Sand Testing 3
  TECHNOLOGY OF MOLDING Testing of molding sands DrPradeep Kumar Jha MIED, IIT ROORKEE 1  Molding Sand Testing  Grainsizeanalysis  MoistureContent  ClayContent  StrengthTest  PermeabilityTest  HardnessTest  Compactability/FlowabilityTest 2  Grain size analysis   Grain size isdetermined by shaking a known amount of clean, dry sand downward through a set of 11 standardsievesofdecreasing meshsize.   After shaking for I5 minutes, the amount remaining oneach sieve is weighed, and the weights are convertedinto an AFS (American Foundrymen's Society) GrainFinenessNumber(GFN). 3  4 Sand Grain Shape:   Rounded Sand Grains   Angular Grains   Sub-angular Grains   Compound Grains% Retained in a Sieve = (W sieve /W total )100Every sieve is having a multiplying factor and % retained on each sieve is multipled with multiplying factors (of individual sieves) and finally added.GFN = Summation of product/Total % retained grains
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