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Molding Sand Testing 2
  TECHNOLOGY OF MOLDING Molding sands and its ingredients DrPradeep Kumar Jha MIED 1  MOLDING MATERIALS  Sand  MetalsandAlloys  Plaster  Ceramic  Graphite  Rubber 2  Molding sand ã  Major production of casting in sand mold ã  1 ton of casting may require 4-5 tons of molding sand ã  Sand metal ration may vary from 10:1 to 0.25:1 depending upon type and size of casting and molding method employed. ã  Sand: Granular particles resulting from disintegration of rocks ã  Most common sand is silica sand (high purity silica sand has sintering temperature of ~1700 0 c. ã  Shape of grains affect flowability, permeability and compactibilityof sand. 3  Desired Properties of Molding Sand   Refractoriness   Green Strength   DryStrength   HotStrength   Permeability   Collapsibility   Cohesiveness   Flowability   Adhesiveness   Thermalstability 4   Reusable   OtherRequirements:  Cheap and EasilyAvailable,  Low Thermal ExpansionCoefficient,  Chemically Inert and NonSticking to the CastingSurface.
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