7 nptel casting

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  TECHNOLOGY OF PATTERNMAKING Pattern types and Allowances DrPradeep Kumar Jha MIED, IIT ROORKEE 1  TYPES OF PATTERN   Single Piece Pattern   Split Pattern or Two Piece Pattern   Gated Pattern   Cope and Drag Pattern   Match Plate pattern   Loose Piece pattern   Follow Board pattern   Sweep Pattern   Skeleton Pattern  SINGLE PIECE OR SOLID PATTERN   Simplest and least inexpensive to make.   They are made of a single piece.   It is used for relatively simple shapes, very small scale production, in prototype development.   This pattern should be entirely in the drag.   To avoid withdrawal problem, one of thesurfaces should be flat so that it can be used as parting plane. 3    When contour of the casting makes itswithdrawal from the mold difficult or when the depth of the casting is toohigh, pattern is spit into two parts.   Used for intricate castings.   Split surface of the pattern is same as theparting plane of the mold.   Dowel pins are used to align two halves. SPLIT OR TWO PIECE PATTERN
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