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  Conversation QuestionsWould you ever...? ã Would you ever adopt a child? Would you ever give your child up for adoption? ã Would you ever cheat on your husband/wife? ã Would you ever consider being a criminal? ã Would you ever consider being a farmer? ã Would you ever consider getting plastic surgery? ã Would you ever consider going bungee jumping? Would you ever consider going skydiving? ã Would you ever defy your boss if he/she asked you to do something you didn't agree with? ã Would you ever donate a kidney or another vital organ? ã Would you ever donate blood? ã Would you ever drive a car if you had forgotten your license at home? ã Would you ever drive at night with only one headlight? ã Would you ever drive your car with a flat tire? ã Would you ever eat rat meat? ã Would you ever eat rice with sugar? ã Would you ever feed the animals at the zoo? ã Would you ever get hair implants? ã Would you ever give money to a charity? ã Would you ever give money to a panhandler? (a beggar) ã Would you ever go skinny dipping? (swim naked) ã Would you ever lie to your children?  to your husband/wife?  your boyfriend/girlfriend? ã Would you ever lie to help a friend? ã Would you ever marry someone your parents didn't approve of? ã Would you ever paint your living room black? ã Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker? ã Would you ever slap someone for something they said? ã Would you ever smoke in a no smoking area? ã Would you ever spank your child? ã Would you ever steal from your family or friends? ã Would you ever !take a bullet! for someone else? ã Would you ever walk downtown without any shoes on your feet? ã Would you ever walk home alone at night?  in this country?  in your own country? ã Would you eat a live cricket for #$$? %f not& how much would it take? ã Would you ever consider killing yourself? ã Would you ever eat human flesh? ã Would you ever resort to cannibalism if it were the only option left to stay alive? ã Would you divorce your husband/wife if your favorite celebrity wanted to marry you? ã Would you name your children after favorite characters in movies or books? Would you do so if thenames were strange& as in science fiction movies or books? ã Would you ever pull over and help someone on the side of the road? o you think this could bedangerous to do? ã Would you ever say yes to someone even if you meant no? ã Would you ever donate an organ in order to save other person's life? ã Would you ever consider plastic surgery if a friend suggested it to you? ã Would you ever consider writing your own book? ã Would you ever try staying in the jungle for a month? ã Would you ever consider surrogacy? ã Would you ever consider being a surrogate mother yourself? ã Would you ever consider egg or sperm donation? ã Would you ever pretend to be someone (like a policeman& or a teacher& or a survey taker) just to getsomething that you wanted?   Accidents at Home  What is the most dangerous thing in your home? ow can it be made less dangerous? ã What is the most dangerous thing in your home for a child? ow can it be made less dangerous? ã What is the most dangerous thing in your home for an elderly person? ow can it be made lessdangerous? ã What dangers can be found in the kitchen that can cause accidents? ã What can be done to prevent kitchen accidents? ã What can a parent do to childproof a kitchen? ã What dangers can be found in bathrooms that can cause accidents? ã What can be done to prevent bathroom accidents? ã What can a parent do to childproof a bathroom? ã What dangers can be found outside the home in the yard that can cause accidents? ã What can be done to prevent yard accidents? ã What can a parent do to childproof the yard? ã What other dangers can be found in a home in bedrooms& laundry rooms& garages& and living areas? ã What can be done throughout the house to prevent accidents? ã What can a parent do to childproof the different rooms of the home? ã Where at home would you put your first aid kit? What would you have in it? ã Where are these items found in a house& why could they be dangerous& to whom could they bedangerous& and what could someone do to lessen the danger they present? o hot pan/pot hot curling iron knife window fireplace o iron medicines gasoline pool cellar /attic o insecticides natural gas balcony toilets staircase o  bathtub stove/oven stool/ladder yard tools bad dog o tall pieces of furniture swing set / playground very clean glass sliding door  o electronic euipment cleaning supplies lake/retention pond o loose carpet on slippery tile floor glass table or sharp edged table hairdryer o  bric*a*brac ã What do you need to do if o you cut your finger preparing food? you fall down and can not move alimb? o your child drinks a poisonous liuid? (discuss syrup of ipecac) the toilet is flooding the bathroom? o a pan on the stove is on fire? a neighborneighbor's dog is growling atyou? o our child falls off a chair and is bleeding?  Adoption  ã What is adoption? ã o you know anyone who was adopted as a child? ã o you know anyone who has adopted a child? ã What are some of the reasons people choose to adopt? ã What is the difference between domestic and international adoption? ã What are the views of adoption in your country? ã ow would someone interested in adopting a child go about doing so? ã Where do children available for adoption come from? ã What happens to children that are not adopted? ã ow do you go about adopting a child? ã Would you want to adopt a boy or a girl? Why? ã o you think brothers and sisters should be separated in adoptions? ã +re adoptions common in your country? ã What are some organizations that help with adoptions? ã ,hould you tell the child that he or she was adopted? %f so at what age? -r when? ã ,hould adopted children have the right to know their biological parents? ã ,hould families with birth children also adopt?  ã %s the real parent the birth parent or the adoptive parent? ã ,hould adoptions be between children and families of the same race and or culture? ã ow or should the adoptive parents maintain the adopted child's cultural identify? ã %n your country are the legal rights of an adoptive child different from that of a birth child? ã What are the legal conseuences of adopting a child from a different race or country? ã Why don't more people adopt a child? ã What makes a family& genetics or environment? ã o you support an open adoption policy where the birth parents can choose to be involved in thechild's life? ã o you believe there is discrimination within the adoption organizations? ã o you think a person should be able to adopt a child of a different race? ã ,hould a gay or lesbian couple be allowed to adopt a child? ã ,hould there be an age restriction for the adoptive parents? ã ,hould a single man or woman be able to adopt a child? ã %f you were to find out that you were adopted and not really from the country where you are a citizen&which nationality would you hope would be your true mother country? Why? ã When is the right time for a child to be told that he/she was adopted? ã o you think it is preferable to adopt or to use artificial reproduction technology? ã Would you agree to an open adoption or closed adoption? Why? ã What is an open adoption?  Age: Youth & Old Age ã +re young people generally more selfish than their parents and grandparents? oes age make youmore aware of and caring for others? ã ,hould adults try to teach young people lessons& such as the dangers of drinking too much& takingdrugs or catch the +%, virus& or should they leave them alone to find out about these thingsthemselves? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches? ã What do you think is the best age to be? .plain your opinion ã 0ost countries give young people rights as they reach a certain age 1or eample& 2ritish people canlegally make love or fight for their country at the age of 345 they can drink& vote and drive a car whenthey are 36 oes 7hina have similar laws? o you think that any of the age limits need changing? ã ,ome people think you should give something to society before you have the right to join it ,houldyoung people have to do some form of military or community service by law? ã ,hould people of between #$ and ## be forced to retire from their jobs in order to make way for younger workers? ã %f people are still able to (and want to) work& should they have to retire when the reach a certain age?.plain your opinion ã %n most countries the legal retirement age for men is # years older than for women& even thoughwomen live longer than men on average Why do you think this is? %s this fair& or should it bechanged? ã +re there many things that the old can teach the young or are they hopelessly out of touch by thetime they reach a certain age? What things were you taught by your older family members? owhave they been useful to you in your life? ã %n most countries& compulsory education is targeted at # * 34 year olds Would it be better to offer itto pensioners who want to learn rather than young people who prefer not to be in school? .plainyour opinion ã %n 8ussia& 7hina and many other countries& there is a tradition of choosing leaders who are uiteadvanced in years o you think that older people make better leaders? .plain your opinion ã -ne of 2ritain's best*ever leaders was William 9itt the younger& who became 9rime 0inister when hewas :; and remained in power for 36 years 7ould this ever happen in 7hina? Why/why not? ã 0any elderly people have disabilities which limit their mobility o buses& shops and public buildings in your country provide easy access for the disabled or are your towns and cities designedmainly for the young and able*bodied? Why is this? ã ,hould the elderly be epected to pay for residential care out of their own savings or shouldappropriate accommodation and nursing be provided by the ta payer? .plain your opinion ã ,ome people say that men age better than women& and remain attractive longer < do you agree?.plain your opinion  ã ,ome people say that men never grow up& they just get bigger < do you agree? .plain your opinion ã ,ome people say that young women are usually : to = years more mature than young men < do youagree? .plain your opinion ã %n most countries women live an average of # to 4 years longer than men Why do you think this is? ã %n some countries having children is considered a way of !investing in the future!& and young peopleare epected to give money to their parents when they get a job& and then to care for them when theyretire What are the good points and what are the bad points about this system? ã 0any countries are facing the problem of an !aging population!& ie there will soon be more old people than young people What problems will this cause? What can be done to prepare for them? ã What do you think is the ideal age for each of these stages of your life> (.plain your opinion) o ,tarting ,chool ,tarting ating eaving ,chool/starting work o eaving your parents' home @etting 0arried aving a 7hild 8etiring ã +re you afraid of getting old? ã What is your ideal old age to live to? ã o you prefer to live in the retirement home or live with young people? ã ,hould parents continue to finance their children after the children are 36?  Animals & Pets ã +re there animal rights groups where you live? ã What kind of animals do humans ride? ã +re you afraid of snakes? ã +re you frightened of spiders? ã +re your pet(s) healthy? ã 7an you name some endangered species? ã 7an you ride a horse? ã o you consider yourself an animal lover? ã o you ever go bird watching? ã o you ever talk to your pet? %f so& what do you say? ã o you have a cat? ã o you have a dog? %f so& what's your dog's name? ã o you have any pets? %f not& would you like to have a pet? ave you ever had a pet? ã o you know anyone who has a horse? ã o you know anyone who keeps their dog in their house? ã o you know someone who owns an unusual pet? ã o you love your pet? o you prefer dogs or cats? o you talk to your pet sometimes? ã o you think it is acceptable to test cosmetics on animals? ow do you feel about the use of animalsfor medical research? ã o you think it is okay to eat meat? %s there any kind of meat you would not eat? ã ave you ever been to a zoo? What animals did you see there? o you think it is right to keep wildanimals in a zoo? o you think it's okay to free animals that have been in captivity all their lives?Why or why not? ã o you think people should buy and wear fur coats? ã o your pets have special behavior problems? ow do you deal with those problems? ã ave you ever been bitten by a dog? ã ave you ever been to a farm? What animals did you see there? ã ave you ever been to a horse race? ave you ever gambled on a horse race? ã ave you ever eaten rabbit meat? ã ave you ever seen a dog that helps people& such as one to help a blind person? %f so& what did younotice about the dog? ow do you think that dog was trained? ave you ever seen a !therapy dog?! ã ow long do you think a dog can live without food? ã ow many national animal preserves do you have in your country? +re there any animal preservesaround here? ã %f you could be an animal& what would you (choose to) be? Why? ã %f you don't keep pets& please eplain why? ã %s it harmful for a dog to travel in cabin on a airline under the seat where your carry*on bags go? ã 9ets are considered to be a burden to most of the city dwellers Ao what etent do you agree?
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