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3430 40plus Manual
  Manual of Operation and Instruction Model 3430 Plus & 3440 Plus Surface Moisture-Density Gauge Troxler lectronic !a oratories# Inc$ 3008 Cornwallis Rd. ã   P.O. Box 12057Research Triangle Park, C 2770!Phone 1.877.TRO#$%RO&'side 'he ()* +1.!1!.5!.8--1ax +1.!1!.5!.07-1 %OT The Model 3440 Plus Surface Moisture Density Gauge canbe equipped with an optional global positioning system GPS! recei er# $f such a gauge is mo ed a long distance between uses%the GPS system must be allowed to initiali&e# $n some instances%initiali&ation may ta'e as long as 30 to 4( minutes from the time the gauge is powered on with the GPS enabled# )ote also that the gauge must be positioned such that the GPS recei er can recei e signals from the GPS satellites see *ppendi+ $ for more information!# $f the GPS does not initiali&e within 4(  www.'roxlerla/s.co  ii Tro+ler gauges are protected by ,#S# and foreign patents#-opyright 󰂩  .00/  .001 Tro+ler 2lectronic aboratories% $nc#*ll ights eser ed  No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including  photocopying, recording, or information storage and retrieval systems, for any purpose without the express written permission of Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc.  Fantastic is a trademark of ow !onsumer roducts, Inc.  Federal Express is a registered trademark of the #ederal Express!orporation. 409 is a trademark of the !lorox !ompany.  Magnalube-G is a registered trademark of !arleton$%tuart!orporation.  Microsoft  ,  Excel  ,  HyperTerminal  , Windos , and Word are registered trademarks of &icrosoft !orporation. W!-40 is a registered trademark of the '$() !ompany.  Model 3430 Plus 5 3440 Plusiii N **)+)-uly ))Edition *.
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