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Unit Overview Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment Producers, consumers, and decomposers Quiz (Students will learn how energy flow ties together the organisms in an ecosystem.) Lesson: Producer, consumer, predator, and prey in food chains Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)  What is food chain? The student will be able to  What is producers?
  Unit Overview Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment Producers, consumers, and decomposers (Students will learn how energy flow ties together the organisms in an ecosystem.)Quiz Lesson: Producer, consumer, predator, and prey in food chainsGuiding QuestionsObjectives  (knowunderstanddovalue) ã !hat is food chain ã !hat is #roducers ã !hat is #hotosynthesis ã !hat is consumers ã !hat is decom#osers ã !here do #lants and animals get their energy ã $ow humans #lay a role in the food chain The student wi be abe to ã Identify s#ecies as #roducer% consumers% and decom#osers. ã &'#lain how humans #lay a role in the food chain Time!nstructiona Procedures and trategies  minutes minutes #eginning the Lesson ã *reetings+ ã ,ell o-ectives and we are going to review ã Ask students what you eat for lunch and why do we need to eat !hat is the source for the food that you ust ate ã ,ell them organisms need energy to move% grow% and kee# warm. ã ,ell them animals% including humans% cannot make their own food so they need to consume (eat) #lants or other animals to get the foodstuffs their -odies need. $eveoping the Lesson   !hat is Autotro#hs /rimary #roducers. Ask students first.0Autotro#hs are organisms that can #roduce their own food from the su-stancesavaila-le in their surroundings using light (#hotosynthesis) or chemical energy(chemosynthesis).0Ask e'am#les1 #lants% algae% and some -acteria. ,hey #roduce their own food for energy.0Ask% why are green #lants called #roducers 2ecause they make their own food. ã Ask students Autotro#hs de#ends on other organism for their food or not 03o ã !hat is #hotosynthesis   4 minutes - ,he #rocess -y which #lants use sunlight to make their own food is called  #hotosynthesis.   !hat is $eterotro#hs Consumers 0 All animals in a food chain are consumers -ecause they eat #lants or other animals. ,here are different levels of consumers in most food chains% with smaller consumers eating and then -eing eaten themselves -y larger consumers. 0Consumers cannot synthesize their own food and rely on other organisms. ,hey cannot #roduce their own food. 0,hey are secondary and tertiary food chain level.0 &'am#les1 her-ivores% omnivores% and carnivores.   0 Primary consumers; - a rabbit that eats grass 0 Secondary consumers; - a snake eats rabbits -owl eats snakes 0  Tertiary consumers are eaten by quaternary consumers; - hawk thateats owls ã Each food chain ends with a top predator, and animal with not natural enemies (like an alligator, hawk, or polar bear ã !hat is decom#osers - All food chains start with a #roducer (#lants). ,he to# consumers in most food chains are not eaten -y other animals -ut they do die eventually. !hen a #lant or animal dies% its remains are -roken down or as -acteria or fungi. 5ecom#osers are the last link in most food chains. ã Ask where do #lants and animals get their energy - ,hrough the #rocess of #hotosynthesis% #lants harness the sun6s energy and in so doing make many forms of life7including human life7#ossi-le. !hat is food chain % 8ood chain is the se9uence of who eats whom in a -iological community (an ecosystem) to o-tain nutrition. A food chain starts with the #rimary energy source% usually the sun or -oiling hot dee# sea vents. ã !hat role does human #lay in the food chain 0:et say% there are #lants% insect% mouse% and owl. !hat if human kill all the owl ,here will -e mouse all over the #lace. &osing the Lesson' ã ,ell them energy comes from the sun% get ca#tured -y #lants% and is then transferred from organism to organism. ã Quiz time (;0 Minutes) ã After 9uiz% ask students to share their answer and if they make mistake% tell them to write correct answer with different color #en ã Collect the 9uiz  (ormative )ssessment$ifferentiation ã Ask what can a #roducer do that a consumer cannot ã Ask 9uestions and let students s#eak  ã Show #ictures of food chain ã Assess students< learning using formativeassessment. ã *esources Science te't -ook% /ower/oint (/ictures)% and we- 2i-lical world viewframework= ,eacher will tell it in the end of the class.*enesis =>3ew International ?ersion (3I?) + *od made the wild animals according to their kinds% the livestock according to their kinds% and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And *od saw that it was good.*od created everything including animals% #lants% and small insect. So% we as a rational animal need to take care for them.Quiz= 5own -elow.  .$ow do decom#osers get their food a.$unting and killing #rey for food -.A-sor-ing food from dead organismsc.Changing car-on dio'ide and water into foodd./roducing food from o'ygen and sunlight>.$ow are the living creatures in an ecosystem linked A.2y what they eat2.2y how they -reatheC.2y their size5.2y their s#ecies@.!hat can you infer from the fact that the disa##earance of ust one s#ecies can disru#t an entire food chain A.&very food chain de#ends entirely on a single s#ecies2.8ood chains are e'tremely fragileC.8ood chains can regenerate on their own5.8ood chains would not e'ist without human;.$ow is a food we- different from a food chain A.8ood we-s contain only #roducers% not consumers2.8ood we-s do not include decom#osersC.8ood we-s contain many different% linked food chains5.8ood we-s e'ist in a9uatic environments1 food chains e'ist in terrestrial environments .,hrough what #rocess do #roducers make their own food A./arthenogenesis2./hotosynthesis
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