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  Week of March 6 th  – 10 th  , 20176 th 7 th  ArtP.E. Return signed punch cards Mystery Science: Earth’s Rotation 8 th ComputerLabMusic   9 th P.E.LibraryClass PARCC testing – ELA session 1 **Meier Reading tests 10:05-11:45  10 th Music Computer Lab Meier Math:  Topic  practice testTest on Monda! #et punch card signed and returned   Happy Birthday Dominik! Camp Timber Lee money anbeha!ior permi ion #ip are $eT%&'()) *e reay to hine) +oo niht- re t.ea#thy breakfa t+reat attit$e  Finishing strong…. With all of the assessment approaching, please continue to encourage your child to keep working hard and maintain apositive attitude! We can do this! Dates: ◊ March 17 th    End of  rd   uarter #$$ #R points are due! ◊ March 2 th    Spring %ictures ◊ March 2!21 st    &haperone meeting for 'im(er $ee ◊ March 2 r# !2$ th    &amp 'im(er $ee!!! ◊ March 27 th  % 1 st   Spring )reak
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