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MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: This Memorandum of Agreement (“MOA”) made and entered into by and between: __, a corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Philippines, with postal address at __, represented herein by its President, __, hereinafter referred to as the “FIRST PARTY”; -and- __, of legal age, Filipino, single and with postal addre
  MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS:This Memorandum of Agreement !MOA # made and entered into $% and $et&een:  __  ' a (or)oration du*% organi+ed and e,isting under and $% -irtue of the *a&s of the Phi*i))ines' &ith )osta* address at ..' re)resented herein $% its President'  __  ' hereinafter referred to as the ! FIRST PARTY /0and0  __  ' of *ega* age' 1i*i)ino' sing*e and &ith )osta* address at ..' hereinafter referred to asthe 2 SECOND PARTY 23 WITNESSETH That:WHEREAS ' the 14RST PARTY is ../ WHEREAS, the SE5ON6 PARTY is ../ WHEREAS ' the SE5ON6 PARTY desires to ..' &hi(h the 14RST PARTY agrees to )a%for3 NOW, THEREFORE ' the )arties here$% agree as fo**o&s:73 (TERMS AND CONDITIONS) 83 Confi!ntia it#: a3The terms and (onditions (ontained in this MOA sha** (onstitute (onfidentia*information' and the re(i)ient of the (onfidentia* information underta9es andagrees to 9ee) (onfidentia* the (onfidentia* information $% a))*%ing the same (arethat it &ou*d em)*o% &ith res)e(t to its o&n (onfidentia* information3 $3The re(i)ient of the (onfidentia* information sha** not dis(*ose' transmit or (on-e%' &ho*% or )artia**%' the (onfidentia* information to an% third )art% &ithoutthe &ritten (onsent of the other )art%3(3The foregoing not&ithstanding' in the e-ent that the re(i)ient of the (onfidentia*information is *ega**% (om)e**ed or reuired $% an% go-ernmenta* $od%' (ourt or (om)etent authorit% to dis(*ose an% su(h (onfidentia* information' it sha** )rom)t*% notid% the other )art% so that the *atter ma% $e a$*e to see9 a )rote(ti-eorder or a-ai* itse*f of other a))ro)riate remedies and;or &ai-e (om)*ian(e &iththe )ro-isions hereof3d3The )ro-isions of this Se(tion sha** sur-i-e the termination of this MOA for &hate-er reason3  <3 T!$%ination : This MOA sha** automati(a**% e,)ire and $e deemed terminated u)on thedate of the o((urren(e of an% of the fo**o&ing e-ents:i34n the e-ent that a *a& or regu*ation is )assed' the o)eration or im)*ementation of &hi(h &ou*d resu*t in the non0e,e(ution of theo$*igations of an% of the )arties to this MOA/ii3Mutua* agreement of the )arties to terminate this MOA3=3 Non&Wai'!$: The fai*ure of either )art% to insist u)on the stri(t (om)*ian(e &ith and )erforman(e of an% of the terms' (onditions and (o-enants hereof sha** not $e deemed asa re*inuishment or &ai-er of an% rights or remed% that said )art% ma% ha-e' nor sha** it $e (onstrued as a &ai-er of an% su$seuent $rea(h or defau*t of the terms' (onditions and(o-enants herein (ontained' $ut the same sha** (ontinue to $e in fu** for(e and effe(t3 No&ai-er $% either )art% sha** $e deemed to ha-e $een made un*ess e,)ressed in &ritingand du*% signed $% the &ai-ing )art%3 >3 S!a$ai it# C a*+!:  Shou*d an% )ro-ision of this MOA $e he*d in-a*id $% an%(om)etent (ourt' the same sha** a))*% on*% to the )ro-ision in-o*-ed and the remaining )ro-isions hereof sha** remain -a*id and enfor(ea$*e3 ?3 Co*nt!$a$t+: This MOA ma% $e e,e(uted in t&o or more (ounter)arts' ea(h of &hi(hsha** $e deemed an srcina*' $ut a** of &hi(h together sha** (onstitute one and the sameMOA3@3 A$!!%!nt Moifi-ation:  No modifi(ation or a*teration of this MOA sha** $e (onsideredas ha-ing $een made un*ess e,e(uted in &riting and du*% signed $% the )arties hereto3 IN WITNESS WHEREOF ' &e ha-e hereunto set our hands' this  _____________   at  _____________  ' Phi*i))ines3!14RST PARTY .#:  !SE5ON6 PARTY S4NE6 4N THE PRESEN5E O1: .................. ..................   AC/NOW0EDGMENT REPBL45 O1 THE PH4L4PP4NES#54TY O1 TA4# S3 S3 .EFORE ME ' a Notar% Pu$*i(' )ersona**% a))eared: Name5om)etent E-iden(e of 4dentit%6ate and P*a(e of 4ssuan(e9no&n to me and to me 9no&n to $e the same )ersons &ho e,e(uted the foregoing instrumentand a(9no&*edged to me that the same is their free and -o*untar% a(t and deed3 IN WITNESS WHEREOF ' 4 hereunto set m% hand and affi, m% notaria* sea* this ..... da% of ......... 8C7<3 NOTARY PU.0IC 6o(3 No3 ....../Page No3 ....../Boo9 No3 ....../Series of 8C7<3
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