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Configuration Document Configuration Document Version 6.03 Hyderabad January-2010 1 Configuration Document Configuration Document for Organization Management Flow-Chart for Organization Structure Root Org.Unit Other Org.Unit Jobs Positions Reporting Structure Creation of Root Org Unit: Table Transaction Code Menu Path Description 2 HPR1000, HPR1001, T527X PPOC_OLD Create, PPOM_OLD Change, PPOS_OLD Display SAP Easy Access Human ResourcesOrganization ManagementExpert ModeSimple Mainten
  Configuration Document Configuration DocumentVersion 6.03Hyderabad January-2010 1  Configuration Document Confguration Document or OrganizationManagement Flow-Chart or Organization Structure Root Org.Unit Other Org.Unit  Jobs ositions Re!ortingStructureCreation o Root Org Unit   TableHPR1000, HPR1001, T527X Transaction CodePPOC_OLD Create, PPOM_OLD Chane, PPO!_OLD Dis la#Men$ Path!%P &as# %ccess   H$'an Reso$rces  Orani(ation Manae'ent  &) ert Mode  !i' le Maintenance  CreateDescri tionOb*ect T# e+ Ob*ect e#- Orani(ation .nit /O, obs /C, Positions /! 2  Configuration Document hen #o$ clic3 the create o tion #o$ 4ill et the belo4 screen, 1 &nter the abbre6iation or the Root Orani(ation .nit in the 8eld Orani(ation .nit %bbr 2 9n the :a'e 8eld enter the $ll na'e or descri tion o the Root Orani(ation .nit; &nter the date o 9ncor oration o the Co' an# in the <alidit# Period and end date as the !%P standard ;112====> Clic3 on Create b$tton!elect the Root orani(ation .nit and clic3 on the create b$tton in the Tool ?ar or clic3 @7 to create !$bAOr .nits in the Root Or .nit 3  Configuration Document &nter the abbre6iation or the !$bAOr .nit, 9n the :a'e 8eld enter the $ll descri tion+:a'e o the !$bAOrani(ation .nit Then !a6e %ter enterin all the reB$ired !$bAOr .nits 4e need to create obs as belo4 To create obs clic3 on the !ta assin'ents in the tool bar or clic3 @ 4
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