2017 12 Usp Sp Sa1 Computer Science 02 Ans | Constructor (Object Oriented Programming)

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2017 12 Usp Sp Sa1 Computer Science 02 Ans
  COMPUTER SCIENCE (083) SHORT TEST, SET-1 Marking S c h e m eCa!! #II Time 3hr! Ma$% Mark! &0' e n e r a I n ! (r  c( i * n ! ã Thi! +e!(i*n aer ha! - +e!(i*n!% ã . (he +e!(i*n! are c*m!*r/% ã ri(e (he c*rrec( !eria nmer *2 (he +e!(i*n e2*re a((em(ing i(% Ans1 a) break, continue, goto, exit 4 * ½ = 2 b) Run Time Error : Error occurring in a program uring its execution! rogram execution #a$ts %#ensuc# an error is encountere!Examp$e:int A, &, '(cinA&(' = A  &( Runtime error i+ a$ue o+ & is -ero!./ntax Error: Error occurre ue to %rong s/ntax o+ $anguage etecte b/ t#e compi$er uringcompi$ation!Examp$e:cout0A ' rogram0( c) i) ct/pe!#, iomanip!#, iostream!#, mat#!# 4 * ½ = 2 ii) conio!#, string!#, stio!#, process!# 4 * ½ = 2 ) i) inc$ue 3iostream!#const int ax   15( assignment operator %as missing ½oi main6)7 i n( N  m  e r !4 M a $ 5  670,80,10,30, - 09: initia$i-ation %as incorrect ½+or6 in ( 8oc=ax91( 8oc=5( 8oc99) 8oc %as une+ine ½cout ;;  umbers;8oc<( input operator %as useii) C*rrec(e< Pr*gram inc$ue3iostream!# i n c $ u e 3s t i o !# == #eaer +i$e %as missing > oi main6)7 struct .T>?ET7 c#ar stu@name;25<(c#ar stu@sex(i nt st u    @ a g e ( = initia$i-ation not a$$o%e insie structure e+inition ½ stuent(gets6s t u e n t !s t u@ n a m e   ): = structure re+erence %as missing ½cins tu e n t !s t u@ s e x ( == cannot use gets6) +unction +or a c#aracter input ½st u e n t !st u @ a g e = 1  ( = Bgnore e) i) ECE/CEpEB. D ii) 15121!F12 G 1H G D5 G D1!F +) 6ii) I4 2  Ans2 a) A constructor t#at accepts no parameters is ca$$e t#e e+au$t constructor! T#e compi$er supp$ies a e+au$t constructor, i+ a c$ass #as no exp$icit constructor e+ine! Bt initia$i-es t#eata members b/ a umm/ a$ue! Bt is a$so use to create obJects %it# e+au$t a$ues! 1?estructor is use to estro/ t#e obJects an ea$$ocate t#e memor/ resources t#at #ae  been a$$ocate b/ a constructor! Bt #as same name as t#e c$ass precee b/ ti$e 6K)! Bt takes no arguments an no return t/pes can be speci+ie! 1  b)  pub$ic isibi$it/ mo e:embers o+ a c$ass ec$are uner t#is isibi$it/ are accessib$e insie t#e c$ass 6in member +unctions o+ t#e c$ass) as %e$$ as b/ t#e CbJects o+ t#at c$ass 6in an/ non member +unction o+ t#e program, protot/pe  e+ine a+ter t#e c$ass ec$aration)! 1  priate isibi$it/ moe:embers o+ a c$ass ec$are uner t#is isibi$it/ are accessib$e on$/ insie t#e c$ass 6in member +unctions o+ t#e c$ass)! T#e/ can not be accesse outsie t#e c$ass! 1c$ass Examp$e7 int ri( pub$ic:oi Assign6)7 ri =15( priate member accessib$e on$/ insie c$ass( oi main6)7Examp$e E(E!Assign6 )( pub$ic member accessib$e b/ CbJectc) O?ec( Orien(e< Pr*gramming Bt emp#asis on obJectsBt +o$$o%s &ottom9>p approac# in program esign! 1Bts ?ata #iing +eature preents accienta$ c#ange in ata!Bts +eatures $ike ata encapsu$ation, po$/morp#ism, in#eritance are present! Pr*ce<ra Pr*gramming Bt emp#asis on oing t#ingsBt +o$$o%s Top9o%n approac# in program esign! resence o+ L$oba$ ariab$es increase c#anges o+ accienta$ c#ange in ata 1Meatures $ike encapsu$ation, po$/morp#ism, Bn#eritance are not aai$ab$e in t#is t/pe o+  programming!) i) o, since t#e constructor Retai$ #as been e+ine in priate section! ½.uggeste 'orrection: 'onstructor Retai$6) to be e+ine in pub$ic section o+ c$ass! ½ii) ' e r ea$ 9 R ice :155 G 2F 1e) 'onstructor A'onstructor A'onstructor &'onstructor '2'onstructor &'onstructor A?estructor A?estructor &?estructor '1?estructor &?estructor A?estructor A+) 'reating obJect 1  'reating obJect 2'reating obJect D1!F'reating obJect 4'reating obJect F?estro/ing obJect F?estro/ing obJect 4?estro/ing obJect D1!F?estro/ing obJect 2?estro/ing obJect 1g) i) o$/morp#ism6'onstructor Cer$oaing) 1ii) Test::Test6c#ar ;<, int )7 strcp/6 aper, )( 1arks = (iii) Test::Test6Test Nt)7 strcp/6 aper, t! aper)( 1arks = t!arks(i) Test T1( +or Munction 1 ½Test T26 O'omputer .cience0, 155)(+or Munction D½) ?estructor1i) Test TD=T2( or Test TD6T2)(1AnsD a) ariab$e x is not a static so it cannot be use in static member +unction prn6 ) 1 b) T#e main aantage o+ in$ine +unctions is t#at t#e/ sae on t#e oer#eas o+ a +unction ca$$ as t#e+unction is not inoke, rat#er its coe is rep$ace in t#e program! 1T#e maJor isaantage o+ in$ine +unctions is t#at %it# more +unction ca$$s, more memor/ is %aste as +or eer/ +unction ca$$, t#e same +unction coe is inserte in t#e program! Repeate occurrences o+ same +unction coe %aste memor/ space! 1c) ember +unctions #ae +u$$ access prii$ege to bot# t#e pub$ic an priate members o+ t#e c$ass %#i$e, in genera$, nonmember +unctions #ae access on$/ to t#e pub$ic members o+ t#e c$ass 1ember +unctions are e+ine %it#in t#e c$ass scope t#at is t#e/ are not isib$e t#e scope o+ c$ass!  onmember +unctions are a$so isib$e outsie t#e scope o+ c$ass! 1) c$ass Tour 7 c#ar T'oe;F<(int oo+Au$ts(int oo+Pis( 1int Pi$ometres(+$oat Tota$Mare( pub$ic:Tour6)7T'oe = O>880( oo+Au$ts = 5( oo+Pis = 5( 1Pi$ometres = 5(Tota$Mare = 5(oi AssignMare6 )7 i+6Pi$ometres=1555)Tota$Mare = oo+Au$ts*F55  oo+Pis*2F5(e$se i+6Pi$ometres=F55) 1Tota$Mare = oo+Au$ts*D55  oo+Pis*1F5(e$seTota$Mare = oo+Au$ts*255  oo+Pis*155(  oi EnterTour6 )7 cinT'oe(cinoo+Au$ts(cinoo+Pis( cinPi$ometres(AssignMare6 )( 1oi .#o%Tour6 )7 cout33T'oe33 O 033oo+Au$ts33 O 033oo+Pis33 O 033Pi$ometres(cout33Tota$Mare( 1(e) c$ass RE.CRT7 int Rno(c#ar ame;25<(+$oat '#arges( 1int ?a/s(+$oat 'C >TE6)( pub$ic:oi Letin+o6)(oi ?ispin+o6)((oi RE.CRT::Letin+o6)7 cinRno(gets6ame)( 1cin'#arges(cin?a/s(oi RE.CRT::?ispin+o6)7cout33Rno330 O33ame330 O33'#arges330 O33?a/s33 O 0( 1 cout33'C >TE6)33en$( ½+$oat RE.CRT::'C >TE6)7 +$oat Amount = '#arges*?a/s(i+6Amount11555) 1Amount = 1!52*?a/s*'#arges(return Amount( ½ Ans 4 a) Bn u$ti$ee$ in#eritance, a c$ass in#erits itQs properties +rom anot#er erie c$ass transitie$/! ½ A & ½ ' Bn /bri in#eritance, ½ A & ' ½ ?
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