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Alternative News
  February 2017Top British general given £100k for home upkeep… while soldiers live in sualor 31 Jan, 2017 / RTOne of Britain’s top generals was given £100,000 ($12,000!  #st to over %&o'esti assistane at )is pl#s) *on&on )o'e last +ear, &espite t)e &ail+ str#ggles fae& + ran- an&.le sol&iers eneral i- o#g)ton, w)o )as sine retire&, en o+e& one of t)e  grace and favor  ’ )o'es given to senior 'ilitar+ o4ers T)e ill in#rre& + t)e ta5pa+er for leaning, oo-ing, an& a&'in in 2016 was £10,000 T)is was on top of )is asi salar+ of £260,000 per +ear T)e revelation, w)i) s#rfae& following a 8ree&o' of 9nfor'ation (8o9! re:#est + t)e ;ail+ <ail, will a#se anger in t)e =r'e& 8ores o''#nit+ Ran- an& .le troops )ave fae& o an& pension #ts, a wage free>e an& appalling )o#sing stan&ar&s in reent +earso#g)ton )as sine een replae& as )ea& of t)e 'ilitar+ +=ir <ars)all ?ir ?t#art @ea), w)ose ill for 2016 was £A,000 T)e <inistr+ of ;efene (<o;! tol& t)e <ail % Ocial service residences have now been abolished, and all properties are now treated as Service Family Accommodation in the same way. % However, some posts (not people) have a property that is tied to that post !he hief of #efense Sta$ and %ice hief of #efense Sta$ are two s&ch posts. !he reason ho&ses are tied to these posts is d&e to the nat&re of those roles  T)e news o'es #st wee-s after it e'erge& t)at sol&iers in *on&on’s Cellington Barra-s )a& een left wit) no )ot r#nning water an& or )eating?i'ilarl+, a report fro' <ar) 2016 fo#n& t)at serving personnel were &eepl+ #n)app+ wit) t)eir one perent pa+ rise  Resear)ers fro' t)e =r'e& 8ores @a+ Review Bo&+ s#rve+e& sol&iers aross t)e ar'+ in t)e wa-e of t)e pa+ rise% On o&r visits, there was more dissatisfaction e'pressed over pay levels and the one percent increase than  previo&sly,  t)e report fo#n&)ttps//wwwrto'/#-/37A13DtopDgeneralDleaningDill/E#t'Fso#reGrowserH#t'F'e&i#'GapliationF)ro'eH#t' Fa'paignG)ro'e !eneti ally #odi$ed %nse ts &ould 'ut (rgani Farmers )t *isk )nd +isrupt %nternational Food Trade  Jan#ar+ 31, 2017 <O enetically modied organisms for pest control co&ld end &pas contaminants in agric&lt&ral prod&cts thro&gho&t the globe. %T)ere’s a I+ in '+ so#p T)is state'ent on #res #p t)e i'age of a &ea& I+ in a owl of so#p rat)er t)an a genetiall+ 'o&i.e& inset eing serve& #p wit) organi vegetales owever, t)is is not a totall+ #nrealisti senarioas e5peri'ental releases of genetiall+ 'o&i.e& insets )ave een approve& + ? reg#lators in 201 ver+ near far'ing areas T)e :#estion is w)et)er fr#it an& vegetales e5porte& fro' t)e ?= to K#rope an& L)ina an e sol& #n&er t)e %organi lael if genetiall+ 'o&i.e& insets )ave&evelope& on t)e' #+ Reeves fro' t)e <a5 @lan- 9nstit#te for Kvol#tionar+ Biolog+ in @lMn, er'an+ an& <artin @)illipson ;ean of *aw at t)e niversit+ of ?as-at)ewan, Lana&a, are &rawing attention to t)is prole' 9n t)eir view, larif+ing state'entson t)e part of ? reg#lators is re:#ire& to ens#re t)at pro&#ers of organi o''o&ities &o not )ave to fear for t)eir rep#tation=ll aro#n& t)e worl& for t)e last 0 +ears, 'ales sterilise& +transient e5pos#re to ra&iation )ave een #se& to s#essf#ll+ ontrol a wi&e range of inset speies (eg srew wor' an& 'e&I+! C)ile t)ese 'ales an still 'ate,  t)e res#lting eggs are not viale = new elaoration of t)is te)ni:#e t)at #tilises genetiall+ 'o&i.e& 'ales t)at onl+ pro&#e sons )as reentl+ een approve& for open .el&Dtesting in t)e ?= 9n ot) approa)es w)ere s#4ient 'ales are release& over several generations t)e si>e of t)e wil& fe'ale pop#lations will &eline an& t)e pest pop#lation will gra&#all+ e re&#e& or eo'e loall+ e5tint T)e following appliations for 'ass open release of genetiall+ 'o&i.e& insets for agri#lt#ral pest ontrol )aveeen s#'itte& ã N 2011 wit)&rawn + t)e appliant ã ?pain 2013 an& 201 wit)&rawn + t)e appliant ã ?= 200D2011 approve&, releases too- plae at isolate& loation in =ri>ona &esert ã ew or- ?tate 201D2017 approve&, t)en wit)&rawn + t)e appliant in <ar) 2016, in ove'er 2016 all per'it &o#'ents were wit)&rawn + t)e reg#lator T)eper'it allowe& for t)e of release genetiall+ 'o&i.e& &ia'on&a- 'ot)s 72 ti'es per +ear #ntil t)e en& of <ar) 2017 Cit) releases of #p to 100,000 'ot)s per wee- on aage or rooli .el&s totalling 0,00 s:#are 'etres)ttp//pro&#tsnat#ralla>eo'/organis)t'l T)e ig a&vantage of releasing sterile insets is t)at pests an e ontrolle& wit)o#t t)e nee& to spra+ )e'ial insetii&es into t)e environ'ent T)is is tr#e for ot) t)e onventional irra&iation approa) an& t)e new genetiall+ 'o&i.e& approa) owever, if t)e #se of genetiall+ 'o&i.e& insetsin agri#lt#re is to eo'e a wi&esprea& sol#tion for pest ontrol, t)e i'pliations ste''ing fro' t)e fat t)at genetiall+ 'o&i.e& insets are inten&e& to I+ etween far's nee&s to e a&e:#atel+ onsi&ere& Realistiall+ t)is '#st e &one in t)e onte5t of t)e reg#lations on t)e presene of genetiall+ 'o&i.e& onta'inants in foo& t)at )ave &evelope& over t)e past 30 +ears aro#n& t)e worl& (rgani farmers at risk   T)e release of genetiall+ 'o&i.e& insets )as potential onse:#enes for organi far'ers, w)i) are a parti#larl+ sensitive gro#p in t)is respet %T)ere are so'e realisti  ir#'stanes w)ere t)e 'ass release of I+ing genetiall+ 'o&i.e& insets o#l& )ar' organi far'ers an& ero&e ons#'er on.&ene in t)eir pro&#ts nfort#natel+, we an .n& little evi&ene of ePorts to re&#e t)is ris- or even &is#ss t)e iss#e, e5plains   Reeves fro' t)e <a5 @lan- 9nstit#te in @lMnsing legal ase st#&ies aro#n& t)e worl& (=#stralia, L)ina, Lana&a, K an& t)e ?=! Reeves an& @)illipson estalis) t)at an+ &etete& or oneival+ pereive& onta'ination of rops i'porte& into o#ntries t)at )ave not approve& its presene is li-el+ to e 'et wit) i'port ans, &isr#pting international tra&e T)e sit#ation for rop pro&#ts internationall+ erti.e& as %100 perent organi )as a&&itional levels of o'ple5it+ T)ese inl#&e t)e osts of an+ negative pereptions of involve'ent in t)is te)nolog+ + organi ons#'ers an& t)e potential loss of organi erti.ation + far's loate& near releases T)e artile also fo#ses on t)e sit#ation of a )+pot)etial erti.e& organi spina) far'er loate& near a wi&el+ reporte& approve& release of genetiall+ 'o&i.e& &ia'on&a- 'ot)s in ew or- ?tate (?=! L#rrentl+, t)ere is no oligation to infor' loal far'ers of 'ass releases, w)i) 'a-es it &i4#lt for t)e' to plan or 'itigateris-s T)is is even t)e ase wit)in t)e t)ree -ilo'etre area in&iate& + a p#lis)e& e5peri'ental st#&+ t)at 'a+ e appropriate for &ia'on&a- 'ot) ontrol progra's #ore transparen y reuired )ttp//pro&#tsnat#ralla>eo'/t)rive'ar-et)t'l9n a&&ition, a letter fro' t)e K#ropean Lo''ission ealt) an& Lons#'ers ;iretorateDeneral in&iates t)at ina&vertent presene of genetiall+ 'o&i.e& insets i'porte& into t)e K wo#l& e #napprove& an& t)at it is t)e responsiilit+ of <e'er ?tates to prevent t)is o#rring 9n or&er for genetiall+ 'o&i.e& insets to e #se& s#essf#ll+ (potentiall+ on organi far's!, it is essential t)at all of t)e aPete& gro#ps e involve& in t)e &evelop'ent proess an& )ave aess to reg#larl+ #p&ate& infor'ation %C)ile t)e intro&#tion of &riverless ars )as t)e potential to ring a wi&e range of ene.ts it wo#l& e 'isg#i&e& to intro&#e
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