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2016­17   Observation   Post   Observation   Reflection     Teacher:   Bri   Bahr   Date:   12/15   Subject   Observed:   Reading  Grade:______4______  Hour/Time:_9   ­  10        Please   complete   the   following   information   and   bring   with   to   the   po
  2016-17 Observation Post Observation Reflection Teacher: Bri Bahr Date: 12/15 Subject Observed: Reading Grade:______4______ Hour/Time:_9 - 10 Please complete the following information and bring with to the post conference meeting with your supervising administrator. 1) Overall, how do you think the lesson went and why? – What would you keep the same? What would you change? Good, great discussions. The students seemed to dig deep into the story and find some great evidence. Try to involve the quieter kids in the discussion more next time. 2) In what ways did students meet or not meet the learning goals you established for this lesson? How did your assessments inform your understanding of student learning? Most students seemed to grasp the goal of finding evidence to support their inferences. 3) To what extent did the organization of your classroom (room arrangement, materials) and your rules and procedures maximize student learning? The choice chart is great for allowing the students to sign up and hold them accountable. There are many areas of the room that allow for flexible seating and grouping 4) How did the strategies you used to introduce new content or review prior content to students support student learning? Finding evidence to support your claims will be helpful cross curricular when it comes to finding solid answers to questions. 5) Which techniques for engaging students were most successful? Which techniques were not successful? The students really enjoyed the text that I chose, kept them thinking. They also seem to enjoy the vocabulary games we play in small group. The independent work is difficult for some, may try to provide more support for those. 6) How will this lesson inform changes to your instructional plan? The next step will be allowing students to practice these skills independently with text that is at their instructional level, take away some of my support and allow them to do it on their own.
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